Product Feature: BFGoodrich Tires OnTrail App


BFGoodrich has a long standing legacy of mapping off-road trails for racing in America and Baja. If you’re like us, you’ve probably tried every navigation system out there while off-roading. With over 40 years of off-road experience, BFGoodrichTires has created OnTrail, a simple and effective navigation app that allows you to record and publish your own trails, as well as find & discover new trails with a host of helpful information for planning your ride.

OnTrail is built to be easy to use and combines public trail information with information from the BFGoodrich® OnTrail community, professional off-road partners and professional off-road cartographers. Explore your limits as a driver, discover new trails, and find a community of people dedicated to doing the same. Share data, points-of-interest, photos, and more through BFGoodrich® OnTrail™. In-app missions and challenges let you earn points that add up to real rewards; and everything is backed by the Off-Road experts at BFGoodrich® Tires.

The first thing you’ll notice after downloading this app to your smartphone or tablet is how clean and user friendly the interface is. After setting up your account, you can immediately start searching for trails in your area. Many of these trails come with useful notes, obstacle markers, photos and even videos so you know what’s ahead of you.

BFG On Trail App Johnson Valley 1

The OnTrail app includes the massive Carto Tracks library, which gives you unparalleled detail to major trails. You can even get directions to your trailhead with your preferred on road navigation with one touch. Recording and publishing your own trails is super easy. You simply tap on the go icon in your lower navigation and start recording. You can add lines, marks, waypoints and obstacle markers with notes, photos and video to your trail. And, you don’t need cell phone service to use the OnTrail app.

bfgoodrich ontrail app

For us, one of the greatest features about this app is you can edit your trails on your computer using the OnTrail website. This function automatically syncs between your phone and desktop browser, allowing you to edit your trails in both places. This comes in ridiculously handy when planning future trips with quickness and ease.

Watch the video above for all the great features and see for yourself by downloading the OnTrail app today to unlock a new world of off-roading:


App features include:

  • USA Federal and State Trail map data view (USFS, BLM)
  • Download trails for offline use without cell phone service
  • Find off-road trails across the USA:
    • Trails nearby
    • Search by name
    • Filter by type
    • Search the map and tap on trails for trail information
  • Record your journeys and trails for yourself or share them with the community
  • Add your own points of interests, including photos and video tags
  • View real time weather and forecasts
  • Access over $400 of exclusive Carto Tracks Trail Maps, recorded by cartographers using high-precision professional GPS equipment
  • Earn Experience points for completing missions and use them for real world rewards


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