Product Install/Review: Racer Tech Polaris RZR 900S Dual Rate Spring Upgrade

This week we got a chance to pamper our project Polaris RZR 900S even more with  set of Racer Tech’s Dual Rate springs for the stock fox shocks. This setup replaces the stockers on all four corners and claims improved handling, ride and offroad ability. The kit includes 8 2.5″ springs, 8 adapter rings (for your stock bodies) and four spring spacers.


The obvious first step is to remove your stockers! Remove the hood for easier access to the shock bolts. Starting at the front, I jacked up the rzr and used a long flat blade screwdriver and rubber mallet to loosen up the jamb nut and crossover to remove the stock preload. I find it easier to get these loosened up till they are almost at zero preload before removing them because if the preload nut is on tight it can be a pain later.


Remove both front shocks (will need 15mm wrench(s) and or Socket) and loosen the preload nuts all the way up or until there is enough play the you can lift up the spring and slide out the lower spring cup, allowing the springs to slide right off the body. If you are having trouble loosening the preload collars all the way, make sure that the threads are clear of debris.


Time to install the new racer tech units. Sliding the pieces on from the bottom, start with a spring adapter, then the tender (smaller) spring, then the spring spacer, then the large spring, then another spring adapter, and finally the stock spring cup. Make sure that the spring spacer is oriented short side up (inside of the shorter spring). Tighten down the preload collar just enough to remove all slop from the springs and then 3/4″ more using the preload collars as a reference. They are now ready to reinstall, I start with the upper mount and then inch the jack down bit by bit until the lower mount holes line up.


Now that the front is sitting pretty it’s time to move on to the rear! It is roughly the same as the front end with a little more obstruction on the passeneger side and a little less on the driver, but no surprises. Jack up, remove preload, pull shocks, remove more preload, swap springs and reassemble. When tightening down the preload collars prior to installation only go 1/4″ past where there is no slop left in the spring pack.


With the springs mounted take the car for a quick spin to settle the shocks and then check the ride height. The front should be in the 12-13″ range and the rear about an inch lower than that. This will give a good compromise between handling and ground clearance but if you don’t need the clearance we usually prefer to go a little lower, like 11-12″ front and 10-11″ rear measured just behind the rear a arm bolt and at the rear of the frame, respectively.


You can tell a huge difference even in the looks department. The shocks look less like they came off an atv and more in the style of a race car. After a few shakedown runs our initial impressions are positive. The car feels more controlled over uneven bumps and surfaces and doesn’t have unnecessary roll or the wallowy feeling that can sometimes come through with the stockers. We didn’t get a chance to huck it but that’s coming soon!


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We put together a little video of the 900 going over the same terrain with the stock springs and again with the racer techs, check out the comparison here:


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