Some of the most innovative UTV products on the market right now are coming from medium size companies right here in the US, and that’s the case with the Ramptek and their line of UTV Trailers and UTV Decks. Ramptek is located in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho and they manufacture high quality, sturdy, lightweight, and nearly indestructible UTV tow systems specifically engineered to make loading and unloading a breeze. Their trailers utilize a patented Ramptek loading system, and that means loading your UTV takes a matter of seconds now, and doesn’t require all the heavy lifting and dirty mess of a conventional trailer.

The guys are Ramptek supplied UTVUnderground with their 6 X 14 model at the beginning of the year and we’ve taken this thing everywhere. It’s been on multiple film shoots in California, Arizona, Nevada, and even Mexico and it’s held up perfectly with no issues whatsoever.

Obviously we love the ability of being able to drive our UTV’s on and off the trailer without the hassle of removable or fold down ramps but it’s the integrated ratchet strap system they offer as an option that really makes this trailer fast and efficient to use. With a full 75” of usable width and 14 feet of usable length we’ve been able to easily load our two and four seat machines. Because the trailer weighs a mere 900 pounds we can hook it up to any of our fleet vehicles at a moment’s notice with no issues. Ramptek also offers a smaller 10’ model that’s perfect for two seat UTV’s and towing with smaller vehicles.

Some of the other features we love are the integrated LED lighting, adjustable 6” height coupler, 4” railing with 24 tie down points, and tongue jack. The overall build quality of these units is excellent. The Ramptek trailer is simply one of the most well designed and easy to use lightweight UTV tow systems we’ve seen developed thus far.

Ramptek is all about enjoying the ride, and they’ve engineered a slick, no-hassle system that is perfect for towing with smaller trucks and SUV’s. This is also a perfect system for you guys and gals out there that need to tow your UTV for daily use. It’s got to be the most convenient set-up we’ve seen manufactured thus far. AND – Ramptek includes a Lifetime manufacturer warranty

If you have any issues with a Ramptek product, they will either fix it or replace it.

Ramptek currently has distributors in Idaho, Utah, Wisconsin, Nevada and Colorado. If you’re a UTV dealer and looking to offer your customers a bulletproof tow system, give owner Brandon Benesch a call at 208-908-1898 or email him at [email protected] to find out more about their wholesale program. Or Visit for more information on their complete line of UTV trailers and UTV Decks!

The Ramptek Trailer systems earn a huge thumbs up from UTVUnderground!


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