SureCan is a new company out of Utah that is trying to change up the Gas Can game. It’s a market that has been pretty much stagnant for a few years and there aren’t many options, especially if you want to stay legal with all the new EPA regulations. As motorsports enthusiasts we are left choosing between being blatantly illegal and using the same old gas jugs we always have or using one of the awful “push-in-spout-to-dispense-fuel” hardware store cans that is more trouble than its worth. SureCan is a product that bridges that gap.


We got our hands on one to test out and our first impressions were positive, construction quality feels nice and there wasn’t any flashing that needed cleaning up. The can has a locking fill cap thats not too hard to remove, it also has a childproof locking cap on the fuel spout and a safety on the fuel dispensing trigger. No fuel leaks out when you don’t want it to.


So the can obviously has safety covered, but is it easy to use? The answer is yes, very. I filled her up just like any other can and filled up our RZR 900S with it. You first remove the childproof cap, rotate the spout to the angle you want to pour at and then pull the trigger. It has a nice pressure release that reminds you how well this thing is sealed and it dispensed gas just as advertised. It was certainly a welcome change not to have to bend over to get gas to come pouring out, and the flow stopped abruptly with no splashes when you let go of the trigger.


The SureCan delivers on all of its promises, but there are a few little suggestions that we have. It would have been great if the spout was a little larger so as to allow dispensing fuel a little more quickly, but that may come as a bigger unit somewhere down the line. As it is this is perfect for carrying extra gas or filling up all manner of gas powered equipment around the home or ranch, but you might want to investigate other options if you want to dump a lot of fuel as quickly as possible. All in all this can would be a welcome addition to any garage or shop!


If you’d like more info or just want to purchase head over to SureCan’s website HERE