It’s always great to see new products entering the UTV aftermarket, it’s a sign that the sport is continuing to grow and there are more and more consumers looking to take their UTVs to the next level. One such product is this set of Carbon Fiber radius rods from BAC Technologies. They fit the Polaris RZR XP1000 and are made of a carbon fiber tube and a non load bearing epoxy outer shell that is impact resistant.


BAC technologies makes components from sprint car axles to the aerospace industry and their specialty is carbon fiber, so it was natural for them to apply their expertise to this new realm. We got our hands on a set for the Fox edition XP1000 and couldn’t wait to throw them on. The first thing you notice is that they are astoundingly light, but feel very strong and well manufactured. BAC claims 8.2 lbs of weight reduction when replacing all four as well as 3 times higher yield strength than the stockers.

Losing 8.2 lbs of unsprung weight? We’ve heard enough! First step, loosen the lugs, jack up the rear end of the vehicle and remove both rear tires. You will need a 15mm open of boxed end wrench and a 15 mm socket/ratchet to remove all of the bolts.


The pieces are labeled on either end to make things almost completely foolproof. Remove only one radius arm at a time. Insert the new BAC upper radius arms into the hub first, then then the middle plate or else you wont be able to get them past the brake lines to tighten the bolts, the lowers can be inserted in any order you like.


Repeat the process one at a time until you are looking at a rear end full of gleaming carbon fiber. When you have all four radius rods swapped out reinstall the tires and lower the car down onto its wheels and you are ready to ride. Seriously, this install is as easy as they come and even in your hands you can feel a very substantial weight difference.


We will be beating on these new radius rods mercilessly and we will report back. After a couple of shakedown runs on the trails nearby I can report no weird noises or slop of any kind, we can’t wait to get them on the track! If you are looking to squeeze every last bit of performance out of your RZR, these Carbon Fiber radius rods from BAC technologies should be near the top of your list. Click here for more information/how to buy!




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