The days of digging for your cell phone, or trying to hit a tiny radio button are over! Rockford’s Universal Remote is a game changer. Music playing too loud? Or not loud enough? Just hit that big volume button.

Enthusiasts who use a mobile device as their source are going to love this remote’s compatibility due to its Element Ready design, which makes it perfect for any weather or riding condition.

Rockford Fosgate (, the industry leader in high-performance audio systems, is proud to announce the launch of the PMX-BTUR universal Bluetooth® remote control. It’s designed for use on automotive, marine, and SXS steering wheels, or motorcycle handlebars like the Road King® that utilize a mobile device as the source for the audio system. With an MSRP of only $99.99, the PMX-BTUR is now shipping.

“The PMX-BTUR allows the user to adjust Volume, Track, Play, and Pause on Android® or Apple® mobile devices,” explained Jake Braaten, Rockford Vice President of New Product Development and Engineering. “The Bluetooth® 4.0 Smart Ready receiver quickly and easily pairs with your mobile device using an easy one-button pairing control. Two options are included with the remote…a bezel for hand-held control, and a bezel for mounting with a Velcro strap that easily secures the remote to the steering wheel. IP67 Water Intrusion, Salt Spray, and UV Compliant, it’s the ideal remote for marine or SXS enthusiast.”

Additional features and specifications for the PMX-BTUR include:
-Easy One Button Pairing
-4.0 Bluetooth® Smart Ready
-10 Meter Bluetooth® Range
-Compatible with Android 5.0 and Above, iOS 8.0 and Above
-Up to Two Years of Standby Time
-Hand-Held and Steering Wheel Options Included
-LED Pairing Indicator (Green)
-LED Low Battery Indicator (Red)
-FCC, IC, RCM, CE Certified
-1 Year Warranty

Rockford Fosgate® Introduces Bluetooth® Universal Remote

For more information on the PMX-BTUR Bluetooth® universal remote control, please visit



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