S3 Powersports is known for their high quality & over the top builds that focus on the mudding segment of the UTV / ATV industry. The team at S3’s keen eye for mud monster designs comes form their extensive love and experience as mudding enthusiasts themselves. We first met the S3 Powersports crew back in 2012, almost one year ago to the day at the 2012 High Lifter Mud Nationals event held in Jacksonville, TX annually. Here we connected with S3’s vehicle mastermind Dustin “Battle Axe” Jones and set out on one of the funnest trail rides of our lives! It wasn’t a long ride, and it certainly wasn’t the fastest but it was surely one of the coolest and gnarliest rides we have ever been a part of. Dustin and his posse took their high dollar mud built UTV’s and found the deepest holes they could to sink them into. Without surprise these custom machines owned the biggest and meanest mud pits that Mud Nationals had to offer and they not only conquered all they pointed their machines at, they also did it in style!

As the masses are arriving all week long in Jacksonville for this years Mud Nationals event, Dustin and the crew at S3 Powersports are unveiling a couple of new hot rods they built specifically for this years event. One of which is this stunning beauty we have decided to call our latest “Feature Vehicle”! S3 set out to build the BADDEST 2013 Can-Am Maverick 1000X to date and from what we have seen they have not only accomplished their goal, they smashed it! While many have been customizing their Mavericks no one that we have seen has gone this far to turn a Maverick into a one of a kind show piece much like S3 has done with their 2013 Maverick 1000X.

What jumps out at first is the Mavericks stunning Pro Dip Aquagraphics blue painted plastics and its mean aggressive lifted stance. To accomplish this stance S3 installed their 8″ Maverick Lift Kit. The kit utilizes the factory 2.5″ Fox Shocks which they have increased spring on and have the pre load cranked in. Suspension travel is not the #1 goal for mudders, rather, they prefer ride height, ground clearance and traction! To get that traction S3 wrapped a set of 34″ Super ATV Terminator tires around 15″ MSA Black Diesel Wheels! Wheel and tire combo is growing as the power increases in the factory machines, but only in the mud will you find 34″ tall tires! This tire combo along with the 8″ S3 custom lift kit bring the Mavericks overall ground clearance to a massive 26″!

To help put the power through the massive wheel and tires S3 Powersports installed a CV Tech clutch kit and a “SUPER LOW” Sport Mode Switch! The machine is tuned to put as much torque as possible through the power train to pull the maverick through any mud hole it chooses to run through making this machine the ultimate for the hard core UTV mud enthusiast. In addition S3 also added their snorkel kit to ensure that the machine breathes cleanly no matter how deep they go!

S3 Powersports not only customizes and bolts on all your favorite accessories, they also fabricate and in the case of this bad boy they built a sick one of a kind cage and bumper package that really sets this Maverick off! A 40″ Rigid Industries E-Series Light Bar, OffRoad Sound System Stereo, and a Viper Elite 5000lb winch finish off the S3 Powersports 2013 Can-Am Maverick. In the end, what S3 has done with Can-Am’s latest platform is modify it into the ultimate in mudding!

If you are looking for the ultimate in mudding for your UTV, then hit up the crew at S3 Powersports and let your imagination run wild!

Total Build Cost = $37,000 (approx) 

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This is video #3 in our six-part video series that showcases the Polaris RZR at the 2012 High Lifter ATV Mud Nationals at Mud Creek Offroad Park in Jacksonville, Texas. FIlmed on location by UTVUnderground.com, this clip features host Joey “Joey D” DiGiovanni getting muddy with our friends from S3 Power Sports, Pro Amor, and The Sweat Shop.

A special thank-you to High Lifter for hosting us!
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