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Since 1999, SealSavers has offered ultimate protection across multiple industries. Starting out with a simple neoprene fork cover designed for the motocross world, SealSavers now offers a wide range of products for Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps, Trucks, and Buggies. All with the same basic concept in mind – offer Ultimate Protection against the elements while providing excellent customer service.

Introducing the CV Saver

SealSavers CV Savers are an innovative product designed to protect the CV joint boot. CV Savers feature quick and easy installation over the existing CV joint boot but can also serve two different purposes. They can act as an additional boot for dual protection or can be used as an emergency backup. Leave them on full time as a first line of defense over the existing CV Boot, or store them in your vehicle and use them as needed. If you puncture or tear a CV Boot, you can use the CV Saver as a Band-Aid to get you back home, or to the next pit. The CV Savers keep the grease in and the dirt out. Zip Ties are provided to aid in installation.

The ProSeries line features improved design and fit and are now made out of our NEW FlexPower material which is even more durable than the original CV Savers. The ProSeries also features our NEW Zip-Tie pouch to make installation easier and more effective.

ProSeries CV Savers are available in three sizes that will fit most ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps, Buggys and Trucks. They are available in black and come as a set of 2 starting at $39.95 or a set of 4 for $69.95.

ProSeries Coil Savers 

Another amazing product SealSavers offers are the ProSeries Coil Savers. Coil Savers are uniquely designed to protect your shock seals. They protect the inner shaft from rocks and debris, preventing divots and pits in the shaft that bring dust and mud into the seals. Coil Savers feature quick and easy installation without the hassle of removing your shocks from your vehicle. Coil Savers will compress and rebound with the coil, staying in place, keeping that inner shaft protected from the elements.

The ProSeries line features the same design and fit but are made out of the NEW FlexPower material as well. The NEW FlexPower material will tolerate the weather considerably better and has increased flexibility and durability preventing cracks in the material.

ProSeries Coil Savers are available in two sizes: ’2.0 to 3.0’ and ‘2.5 to 3.5’. There are 4 inches of heavy duty Velcro that allow you to go smaller or larger based on the coil diameter. You can run them with just an inch or two of the Velcro and not have any concern with the Coil Saver coming off. They are available in black and come as a set of 2 for $39.95 or a set of 4 for $69.95

SealSavers rigorous research and development process continues to put our product line at the forefront of motorsport technology. Their continuous efforts to improve on current products, as well as developing new ideas demonstrates their commitment to the future and desire to provide customers with cutting-edge products at a reasonable cost.

Check out this video and see how easy SealSavers are to install:

Installation Tip

*If you are unable to fasten the larger zip-tie on the CV Joint itself because there is not enough room, slide the CV Saver as far over the boot as possible and put two zip-ties on the axel itself. Even if you can only cover 75-80% of the boot, you can still protect that boot. The two zip-ties on the axle act as a double locking nut, preventing the CV Saver from sliding off the boot. Use a set of dyke clips to ratchet the zip-tie down as much as possible. Then, clip the tag end of the zip-tie. You will not run the longer zip-tie around the large end of the CV Joint, only the two zip-ties on the axle.

SealSavers has been family owned and operated since day 1. Like many successful motorsports companies, SealSavers was founded in a residential garage. With a child growing up racing motorcycles, and constantly blowing fork seals, an epic idea was born. A piece of old neoprene was cut and sewn around the fork tubes and then tested out at the local tracks, catching the eyes of friends and other riders. After numerous requests for the custom made “sleeves”, SealSavers was in business. Initially, 50 individual sets were made and then completely sold out during the first weekend at the track.

Fast forward to 2019 and SealSavers is a globally recognized company known for ultimate protection across a multitude of industries. With star athletes like Jessy Nelson (jessyneslon79) Cody Bradbury (@codybradbury22), Shelby Anderson (@shelbyanderson5), and Corbin Leaverton (@corbinleaverton) representing their products, the motorsports industry and especially the UTV market is wide open. All of the SealSavers products are available through any authorized motorcycle dealer and can be found at 4Wheel Parts Stores. If you don’t see it at your local dealer just ask for it by name, or call them direct. If it doesn’t say SealSavers, its not the real deal.

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