Being an off-road enthusiasts means you almost have to be a truck and / or RV enthusiast also. You can’t own a UTV or off-road vehicle and not own a truck or have access to or also own an RV, they just go hand and hand. Take a walk through Joey D. of UTVUnderground’s killer 2018 Attitude 39CRSG 5th Wheel Toy-hauler!

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FEATURE VEHICLE: 2018 Attitude 39CRSG Toy-Hauler


For the past 4 years I have spent my desert trips inside rented RVs and Toy Haulers. After ridding myself of my Weekend Warrior back in 2011, I decided that it would just be easier to pick and choose the RV I needed based on the trip I was taking and whether or not my family would be in tow. That concept served me well for these past few years. I like to bring a lot of toys with me wherever I go so not being restricted to an enclosed trailer or owning a high dollar RV has served me well. It also gave me the opportunity to try out many different styles of rigs and floor plans to know what I liked and didn’t like. But the downside was that I was sometimes limited in what I could rent, the cost of renting can really add up, and there really is no better thing then owning and having access to your own rig to set it up and make it an extended home away from home. The time had come to get back in the game, and I was ready!

Being an off-road enthusiasts means you almost have to be a truck and / or RV enthusiast also. You can’t own a UTV or off-road vehicle and not own a truck or have access to or also own an RV, they just go hand and hand. While I haven’t owned an RV for a few years, I decided it was time to take the plunge and get a new rig that would suit my needs and also bring some comfort back to traveling and camping with friends, family and of course for work related reasons. I spent some time weighing my options and despite my reservations of ever owning another toy hauler due to my experience of owning a Weekend Warrior at the worst time ever, when I walked into a new Attitude for the first time I knew this was a product I could see myself in.


Before jumping into any deal I reached out to my buddy Dave Martinez at Giant RV. Dave is a fellow UTV enthusiast who races for Factory Polaris now and understands the UTV lifestyle. He and I discussed options and ideas and he too pushed me towards Attitude. This guy knows everything you could ever need to know when it comes to RVs, after talking about some of my specific needs he arranged a meeting for us at Eclipse Manufacturing who produce the Attitude line of toy haulers in Riverside, CA. This would give me a chance to get an up close and personal look at all the different models and also see just how the rigs are built, something I always love to geek out on.

Meeting the team at Eclipse / Attitude was awesome. As is expected, the team really knows their stuff when it comes to RVs but what stood out to me was their interest in design, features and ergonomics. They didn’t just bore me with specifications but rather focused on explaining the well thought out designs that they have put into their new rigs that have been developed specifically for guys like me. Things like weight, floor construction, tie down points, slide outs that accommodate long travel off-road vehicles when pulled in for travel, and other cool details. After talking about the rigs they took me for a walk through the factory and out to the lot to look at options. I had gone into the meeting thinking that a 30ft bumper pull trailer that could fit a 4 seat RZR and sleep my family would be sufficient, but quickly after seeing their latest and greatest new 5th wheel I fell in love and realized that I was ready to go all-in!!


The team at Attitude and Giant RV walked me into the brand new 2018 Attitude 39CR 5th wheel and I fell in love. I hadn’t even made it through the door and I was blown away. The light grey smooth aluminum siding on the outside looked bad ass to me. The 16″ aluminum alloy wheels and G-Rated tires graced the triple axle design as did a GVWR sticker that read 13,100 lbs (dry) which seemed extremely light weight for a trailer that measures 43′ from cap to gate. Other things I love on the exterior were the magnetic latches that hold all the exterior storage doors open. Simply open the door and it will snap securely to the side of the rig with ease. Upon opening one of the large compartment doors I found a 40″ TV and sound bar inside, anyone with kids or that likes to watch the big game over Thanksgiving weekend knows how cool it is to have an outdoor TV with sound! A 40 gallon fuel station is mounted on the rear of the trailer which allows you to fuel your rig while feeding the 5.5 Onan Generator which is strong enough to power everything in the trailer at once! There was a ton more that I wouldn’t discover or use until our first trip in it.

Inside is where I knew I had to have this rig. As you walk through the door you feel like you have walked into a new home of sorts. The granite style counter tops, backsplash, leather upholstery and LED lighting work to make the interior feel very high-end. The inside has another 50″ flat-screen TV and a smaller 30″ positioned above the 8 cubic foot sized refrigerator. Did I mention the lighting? The LED lighting inside and out on this trailer is like no other. LED lights line all the underside of cabinets, the ceiling, underneath the trailer, under the awning, on the sides, the front cap, you name it and there is a LED light in or by it! The ability to dim the overhead LED lights inside is awesome and the Attitude sign above the full size microwave even has a light behind it giving it a cool custom touch. My favorite light, besides all of them, is the counter strip light that glows around the perimeter of the kitchen counter. Some other cool “touches” are the bed side LED lights that are turned on and off simply by tapping them. Gone are the days of crawling out of bed to flip off the light switch.


Speaking of beds, this rig has a lot of them! This model has a slide in the living room which has a couch which folds out into a full size bed tucked into it. The slide in the bed room allows for a massive king size bed. The rear of the trailer has double electric queen sized bunk beds which drop down or rise to the ceiling with a push of a button. The lower bed also doubles as a couch during the day or for entertaining purposes. Lastly, the kitchen dinette also collapses into another full size bed bringing the total to 5 beds in this rig. In between all the couches and beds are also 5 leather captains chairs which can be moved and positioned anyway you like!

Some other features I really like and have learned to love are the full size shower and roomy toilet. I have absolutely hated my time on the throne in some rigs due to how cramped and confined the bathroom space is, but not in this RV. The bathroom has room to move and when showering you can turn around freely without smashing your elbows all over the walls and doors. The bathroom has two doors in it also, one for access into the main cabin of the RV and one for private access into the front bedroom. This is awesome for the “parents” who don’t have to exit the bedroom to enter the bathroom late at night.


Its called a “toy hauler” for a reason. While I was all caught up in the glitz and glamour of this beautiful travel palace I did have to take into consideration that it would need to haul my toys from coast to coast. The lightweight rear ramp door is held shut by two very easy to operate latches. Once open you have the choice of using the steel cables to hold the door flat extending your floor space and acting as a back porch of sorts or release all the way into a loading ramp. It is lined with texture to give grip even when wet or dirty.Downside is the texture loves to hold dirt in place and that drives me nuts when closed so I spend extra time sweeping it off before closing back up. The hard aluminum flooring has a wooden laminate over the top of it and 90% of it is covered by a custom roll-up carpet. Once you roll the carpet up and move out of the way you expose a ton of embedded tie down points as well as handy rear floor mounted storage compartment which is perfect for storing your tie-down straps. The trailer touts 26’6″ of garage space which was designed specifically for guys like me who want to haul up to two Polaris RZR XP4 machines. I have yet to fully load it with 4 seat RZRs but I did load our Polaris General and RZR 900-S in it with ease!

I was like a kid in the candy store when we made the deal, I signed as fast as I could and became an extended member of the Attitude and Giant RV families. As I drove away I began to think of all the amazing adventures we were going to take this rig on this next year but before long it hit me, what the hell was I going to tow this beast with??? This sucker is big, I mean huge! My old 7.3 PSD F250 wasn’t going to cut it when having to exit up and out of these California grades. I knew and upgrade was in order, but I will save that story for another day…


We had our new Attitude 39CR hauled out to Glamis Dunes with the Eclipse / Attitude / Giant RV crew for Camp RZR to break it in and to live it up for the first time and it was everything I could imagine. It was a hot weekend and the dual AC’s kept us cool all weekend long. I did notice that the Onan genny drinks a lot of gas when running, so we tried to use the battery with the solar charging panel as much as possible. We only have a single 12v in there now with plans of upgrading to two 6v before our next trip. With that said, the solar charging panel works awesome and keeps the battery rocking during the sunlight hours as long as you don’t have any crazy loads on it. The massive 150 gallon fresh water tank actually has lasted me two trips even with my family along, we fill up the 50 gal black and grey tanks long before we seem to even dent the fresh water.

After three trips in the rig I have totally been stoked. It is a beast, it looks great inside and out and everything works as expected or sometimes unexpected. From the power awning to the under-glow exterior lighting to the Kicker sound system, the UTVUnderground Attitude Toy Hauler is the party palace and home-away-from-home that I have ever wanted. The service we have received from both Giant RV and Attitude has been nothing short of awesome and I can stand firm in saying I would refer them to anyone. If you are in the market for a new hauler or looking to upgrade then give these guys a shot, you won’t be disappointed in the service and quality products they provide.


We plan to keep you up to speed on how we use our hauler this next year, the adventures we take it on and the modifications and service we perform on it. We also will bring you up to speed on our new 2017 Ford F350 Super Duty we just picked up to haul this thing and how we are setting it up to make this combo the baddest on the road!

Big thank you to everyone at Eclipse / Attitude and Giant RV, I am beyond stoked!

Joey D.


For Pricing & Information Contact Dave Martinez @ Giant RV – (909)215-3468 [email protected]

For more information on Attitude Full Line of RVs visit –

5.5 Onan generator
40 gallon Fuel Station
15,000 BTU Air conditioner
13.5 BTU Air Conditioner in bedroom
26’6″ Cargo
16″ Aluminum Alloy Rims
“G” Rated Tires
7,000 Pound Axles
Double Electric Queen Size Bunk Beds (Lower Folds Into Couch)
Power Awning
150 Gallon Fresh Water
Solid Surface Counter Tops w/ LED Lights
LED Lights w/ Dimmer
Ultra Strong Bonded Floor
Pillow Top King bed
8 Cubic Foot Fridge
USB Charging Stations
Underglow Exterior lighting
LED Flood Lights/Light Bar

Optional Upgrades
Power 6 Point Auto Leveling
Kicker System w/ Sub
Living room Slide
160 Watt Solar Panel
50” Rear Entertainment center
2 Additional Captains Chairs



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