To most of us, the electronics in our UTV’s are a mystery. This fact is made even more challenging by the fact that UTV’s have no alternator which means they use a magneto system where magnets embedded on the flywheel pass over wire coils or stator to create an electrical current to power your vehicle and charge your battery.

AZ Wire Pro 37
Lights are the number #1 aftermarket accessory requiring additional wiring on a UTV.

What does this mean? It means as you add new electrical componentry you need to add an additional battery and for some aftermarket products that have a high draw, you may need to add an alternator to keep up.

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Check out the onboard NOCO battery charger/maintainer that comes with a flush mount plug in the wheel well that is part of that system. It allows you to plug the car in with a standard extension cord to charge/maintain the batteries when the car is not in use. The plug has a rubber cover to keep out the water, dirt, and mud. The NOCO charger is designed for a marine environment and is able to withstand the elements mounted on the RZR. The setup keeps the charger in the car and eliminates the need for external chargers and connecting clamps to the battery under the seat. 
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Confused? Me to. But there are some simple answers for simple add ons. Jake Flesner owner and CEO of AZ Wire Pros has taken his 20+ years of experience and removed the guesswork out of wiring to create a plug-n-play harness you can add and place over your existing stock harness to add accessories.

AZ Wire Pro
Plug in play wiring harness from AZ Wire Pro that you simple lay over your existing wiring harness to add accessories.

If you are in Arizona and have more complex wiring needs to reach out to them directly and set up an appointment and let AZ Wire Pros professionally wire your UTV for all your aftermarket accesories.

Click here for their website:

Phone: 623-233-4560 1611

Address : W. Whispering Wind Dr. STE 4Phoenix, AZ 85085


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