Riding Dunes is a part of the DNA of off-road culture and Glamis is the mecca of duning. What started with basic water pumpers in the 1960s turned into a global culture spreading the undeniable joy of the freedom of roaming the massive dunes. An offshoot of southern California hot rod culture, dunning is the favorite pastime of more people than ever before. To celebrate duning culture we present to you our new series Sidewinder.

Sidewinder is a new full-tilt uncompromising off-road action video series from motorsports production powerhouse Mad Media exploring the high horsepower world of the duning from Glamis to Dubai and every pile of sand in between. We will take some of the best off-road duners in the world in the most dynamic dune vehicles and unleash them in some of the most spectacular dune locations for intense heart-pounding off-road action! Each Sidewinder Session will be shot with a different driver, location, vehicle, etc. 

Watch off-road champion RJ Anderson attack the dunes of Glamis in his 800+ Horsepower Pro-2 blasting the flats and jumping the lips showcasing his amazing off-road driving capabilities.


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