This week we got to see a lot more refinements in the dash, a closer look at the radiator exits and tube dimensions used on the chassis and roll cage.

Further Refined Dash

2021 speed utv dash interior
Speed UTV Dash in the Robby Gordon Edition model.

The dash got a lot more refined this week, the sharp edges were removed. There is more leg room down below the driver and passenger side dash. We also found out that the there will be at least 2 USB plugs on the dash, as well as at least one USB plug inside the glove box. Below you can also see how the dash will be countered.

speed UTV 3d look at the dash and radiator exits

Radiator Exits

This week we also got a much clearer look at the radiator exits. Many people have been asking what the purpose of the number plates are, and well besides showing the number of the car they also disguise the radiator exits that sit in front of the bed.

Roll Cage & Chassis Tube Dimensions

Every week Robby Gordon reiterates how much design went into the safety aspect of the chassis and roll cage, and the tube dimensions show it.

You see the exact dimensions for every tube used in the Speed UTV
In the chart above you see the exact dimensions for every tube used in the Speed UTV.

If you’re looking for .065 wall tube, look elsewhere. You won’t find it on the Speed UTV. Majority of the Speed UTV chassis and roll cage consists of 1.75″ tube or 1.5″ tube all in .095 wall. The parts of the chassis where suspension components attach to are 1.75″ tube with 1.20 wall.

Robby also showed a roll over video of the cage he designed in the Wildcat XX and it’s nothing short of impressive. After 10 hard rolls down a steep hill, the owner of the XX is able to walk away not only unharmed, but with little damage to the car.

See for yourself

The only damage suffered was a bent roll cage tube, a bent factory tie rod, and a bent wheel. The owners says he was able to drive the car the rest of the weekend.

Oil Drain Plug

2021 speed UTV oil change how to

Your comments are being heard loud and clear. A viewer of the livestream and Speed UTV customer Todd Cunningham noticed that the oil filter cover didn’t have a drain cap, which would have meant super messy oil changes. Well, he reached out to Speed UTV and less than a week later it’s fixed.

speed UTV oil filter drain plug

The oil filter cap will now have drain, which is how you’ll drain the oil out of the oil pan, oil separator and oil tank on the Speed UTV. If you see anything that may have been overlooked, reached out to Speed UTV, I’m sure they’ll be happy to address your concerns.

360 View of the Speed UTV

The web team is still working strong on the portion of the web site where you’ll be able to configure your Speed UTV, in the mean time you can see the 4 Seat El Jefe in a 360° view right below.

Questions & Answers

Where is the battery located?

On the 4 seat car it’s located between the back two seats. On the two seat car it’ll be located between the driver and passenger seat. Since the turbo is located on the back of the engine, heat will not be a concern.

At what point do you pay the full ammount for the side by side?

That process will happen at a later time, probably around mid-August or so. That’s when the bank along with the finance person will be reaching out to you regarding payment options.

If you’re tall how comfortable will you be in the Speed UTV?

The dash is modified for extra tall guys and your seat moves far far back, if you’re big or tall you’ll be plenty comfortable.

Are you going to be able to select what kind of suspension tuning you want right from factory?

No. With this many cars, they’ll all come with the same set ups. For tuning it’ll pretty easy you can adjust preload, or you can jack the car up and get into your secondary springs. Grab a screwdriver and adjust the collar.

Shocks come with compressions and rebound adjustment. Keep in mind, everything will be a compromise, at Glamis you’ll have to stiffen up your shocks, but at the same time you can get out and adjust it and go on your way. All the tools to adjust it will be in the toolbag that comes with the speed UTV.

How is the tail going going to work?

It’ll be just like in any pick up truck. There will be a handle on the back, and a couple of cables to hold the tail gate down.

Things You Should Know

  • The Race Radio in the RG Edition will be 50 watts.
  • The configurator for your Speed UTV will be up next week. You’ll be able to customize the colors, pick your upgrades and accessories, and see how your Speed UTV will look like in 3D and various environments with all the accessories installed. Sign up for your account at
  • Pricing has increased on the 4 seat El Jefe Model, you can still pre-order the LE El Jefe for $35,000, price will go up to $37,000 once it’s at the dealers. RG Edition is available for pre-order for $37,000, MSRP is $39,999
  • Pre-order pricing on the 2 seat Baja Bandit and El Diablo LE models is available until July 15th at $30,000 for the LE model, or $32,500 for the RG edition model.

Stay up to date on our Speed UTV News Page, make sure you check out our Speed UTV article with all the details we’ve got. If you’ve got any question, get a hold of Speed UTV on Facebook and Instagram to have your questions answered.

You can still catch a recording of the livestream below:


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