With 300 horsepower right from factory, some of the toughest looking suspension components, the beefiest drivetrain available in the UTV industry, and a laundry list of features the Speed UTV is going to be the race car to beat.

On tonight’s Facebook and Instagram live stream, Robby Gordon announced he is going to offer a race ready Speed UTV right from factory.

Orders are said to begin late June to mid-July, we are still waiting to find out the price of the race ready Speed UTV, but essentially you’ll be able to buy and finance a race ready UTV right from Speed UTV, load it on a trailer and go racing.

Robby said he wants to accommodate the racers out there, the Speed UTV race car orders will be vetted to make sure racers purchase Speed UTV race cars.

Race Ready Speed UTV

The race ready Speed UTV Package will be available only on “El Diablo” model. The Race Ready Package includes the LE and RG Edition model upgrades, along with everything you would need to go racing:

Limited Edition Upgrades

  • Bead lock wheels
  • Positive Pressure Roof
  • 5 Point Harnesses
  • Carbon Fiber Seats

RG Edition Upgrades

  • Suede Seat Upgrade
  • Suede Steering Wheel
  • Window Nets
  • Intercom/Radio
  • Powder Coated Cage & Suspension

Race Ready Package

  • Carbon Fuel Cell
  • Carbon Body & Bed
  • Added Door-Bars and welded clamps
  • Aluminum Roof Skin
  • Aluminum Firewall
  • Parker Pumper
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Tool Bag
  • Impact
  • Medical Kit
  • Safety Equipment
  • 12″ GPS + Mount
  • Front Bumper
  • Front Lower Light Bar
  • Front Upper Light Bar
  • Rear Chase Light
  • Spare Tire/Wheel
  • Jack

Speed UTV Race Ready Package Price: TBA

Speed UTV is working with BITD and SCORE to ensure that the cars will be ready to pass tech inspection and race in the UTV class right off the shelf. The chassis will be certified for SCORE and BITD for the first year.

You’ll also be able to pick your suspension, spring and cage colors, as well as customize your graphics with sponsor logos.

Keep in mind, right from factory you’re getting an almost race legal roll cage. The only difference is the door bars and the clamps will be welded on.

The same components and accessories used by the race teams will be available for sale to the general public on SpeedUTV.com.

Speed UTV Color Options

The color options available for you to pick from for the LE and RG models are almost limitless.

speed UTV black and gray

Loved Barney when you were a kid? Yep, you can design your car to look like something that Barney would drive. Pink and lime green are your favorite colors? Show the world!

Orange is the new black? Yep, lock it in. The options are endless.

You’ll be able to pick from a few different graphic sets, you can pick orange or black for your roll cage, along with black, gray or orange for your wheels. You’ll have two different style of wheels to choose from, either 14 Spoke Concave or the RG Concave wheel, both of which are beadlock wheels.

Keep in mind, if you ordered an RG Edition model, you’ll be able to pick a graphic set that Robby will run on his race car in 2021.

The team at Speed UTV is working on the web site where you’ll be able to finalize the look and feel of your Speed UTV in August.

The base model Speed UTV will not come with graphics, but instead it’ll be gray, just like what you’ve seen in the renders so far.

Finalized Body Design

The body on the 2021 Speed UTV is finalized. From the top you can see the radiator exit in the bed.

speed UTV from the top

On the side of the body, there is a step, there will be two bars that run along the subframe, you’ll be able to open the door and step right in. Those steps will not only make it easier to get in the car, they’ll also double as a mud guard.

speed UTV body from the side

On the front of the car, there will be four lights in total, along with a LED strip that lights up like a smile. The Speed S on the grill will also light up on the LE and RG edition models.

speed UTV plastic from the front

Let’s Talk Progress

The entire car is essentially done. The body has been finalized. The front diff is almost done, some of the internals on the engine are left to be finished within the coming week, but the team at Speed UTV is making good progress. The cars should be ready for testing in the summer.

Questions & Answers

Can you upgrade to an air conditioned Speed UTV now?

Yes, keep in mind, that car will not be out until Summer of 2021.

If I put a front windshield on my open cab Speed UTV will it effect the air flow to the radiator?

You should be able to put in a full or half windshield. However, Speed UTV has some further testing in the Arizona summer to heat to provide a final answer to that. On the bottom of the car the skid plate is blocking the low pressure from the underneath the car to optimize the cooling system, on the LE and RG edition model there is a an air scoop in the roof that should get the air flowing.

Can we get a raw/unpainted cage?

Sorry, no, we can’t get you a raw cage.

Can I get pre-welded doors bars?

Yes, they will be available to ship right from SpeedUTV.com. They will come as a pre-notched weld it yourself kit. It can also be installed by one of the Speed UTV certified FAB shops.

What are the coil springs colors?

Coil springs will be charcoal gray.

Is the Roll Cage race legal?

Yes, almost legal right from factory. The dimensions of tube are as required by SCORE and BITD, .95″ wall and 1 3/4” in diameter. Only thing you’ll need to add on are the door bars, and weld the clamps on.

Can you strap child seats to the car seat?

Yes, you should be able to strap the child seat right into the seat.

If I order a Speed UTV today and upgrade to RG Edition?

Yes, “Baja Bandit” and “El Diablo” or UTT pre-order is going to be kept online a little longer, the 4 seat “El Jefe” LE model price changes at the end of this month, you’ll be able to upgrade to the RG Edition if you choose to do that.

El Diablo and Baja Bandit LE/RG Edition models are going to be available at the discounted price until August 1st. 

Things You Should Know

  • Similar to the XX, the car will be prewired extensively. You’ll have a prewired plug under the dash for another raditor. Two whip light mounts, along with prewiring for whip lights, the whip lights will be far back from the antenna mount.
  • On the race car, the chase light will be wired directly to the battery. Meaning when you shut off the car, the chase light will still be on, you’ll have to get out of the car and physically unplug it.
  • There will be a big bore upgrade aftermarket kit to push your engine up to 1260cc’s. Keep in mind this is not race legal in the UTV class. This is mostly meant for duners. The big bore upgrade kit is going to be plug and play, it includes everything you would need from the lower block, to steel sleeves. It can be installed at a Speed Certified Motor Shop.

Stay up to date on our Speed UTV News Page, make sure you check out our Speed UTV article with all the details we’ve got. If you’ve got any question, get a hold of Speed UTV on Facebook and Instagram to have your questions answered.

You can still catch a recording of the livestream below:


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