This week we got an up close look at the renders of the interior, got the latest information about the engine and ease of maintenance, and as usual had a ton of questions answered.

Speed UTV Interior

We finally got a peak at the interior of the Speed UTV and it looks completely unique from what we’re used to seeing in the sport side by side industry. Keep in mind, these are rough renders so details are still getting ironed out, in the render below we have the RG edition model so you’re seeing the RG edition model upgrades, which include the race radio, intercom and push to talk buttons.

2021 speed UTV interior dash vents and passanger monitor
Interior of the 2021 Speed UTV


First thing is first, the Speed UTV is coming with vents right from factory. The vents and ductwork will be all in place for you to upgrade to the heating package. The passengers in the back seat of the 4 seat El Jefe will have 2 vents as well.

The reason why you’re getting vents is because the same interior will be used on next years enclosed cab model, that will come with AC and heating right from factory.

Robby Gordon keeps repeating that this isn’t a side by side you’re going to upgrade every couple of years. It’s getting built right from the ground up, and having the vents goes to show that they’re thinking ahead for the future.

Passenger Display

The secondary monitor in front of the passenger, is another option you’ll be able to upgrade. The passenger will be able to have their own preconfigured display and be able to see the live technical info or mirror their phone on to the screen. We confirmed that the passenger screen will be fully functional while the car in motion, unlike the driver’s display for which you’ll have to stop in order to change it around.

Shift Levers

Front and center you’ll have two shift levers. You’ll be able to shift gears from low, high to cruise on the fly, there is also a shift lever for the transfer case which you’ll be able to shift from two wheel drive, four wheel drive to four wheel drive full lock.

Latest Updates on the Speed UTV Engine

The motor, transmission and the back of the Speed UTV is looking almost done. The water lines from the radiator down to the engine are routed very straight forward. The coolant lines run parallel down from the radiator to the motor. The oil tank will be to the right of the engine. All the water lines are routed in such a way where the air traps have been removed, and the radiator will bleed itself out of trapped air in the system.

2021 speed UTV engine exhaust and radiator
2021 Speed UTV Engine

On the side of the engine you can see the billet motor plates. Towards the top of the engine you can see two lines to bleed the heads, the purpose of those is to get rid of the air pockets on top of the heads.

The air filter will be placed in a vertical position, so when you’re out riding in dusty environments you can knock off some of the dust off the air filter by tapping the air filter box.

On the back of the car you can see the catalytic converter along with the exhaust. You’ll be able to easily change how the Speed UTV engine sounds. When you change the exhaust you won’t have to replace the catalytic converter, that will be able to stay in the same spot.

2021 speed UTV oil change how to

Robby Gordon said this car will be super easy to work. To change the oil, you’ll have to remove the rear skid plate section, take out a few bolts and out goes the oil filter. The oil filter will be available at your local auto parts store.

Chassis Colors

All three models of the 2021 Speed UTV will come with different chassis colors. Keep in mind, shocks will be Speed Orange on all three models.

Base Model

The base model on the Speed UTV will come with a black chassis, black suspension, and aluminum spindles and hubs on which the colors are yet to be determined.

2021 Speed UTV Base Model Frame and Chassis 1
2021 Speed UTV Base Model Frame & Chassis

Limited Edition Model

On the limited edition Speed UTV, the the chassis will be black. The suspension components, such as the A-Arms, trailing arms will be charcoal metallic.

2021 Speed UTV Limited Edition Model Frame and Chassis
2021 Speed UTV Limited Edition Model Frame & Chassis

RG Edition Model

On the Robby Gordon edition Speed UTV, the the chassis will be black. The roll cage will be Speed Orange. The suspension components, such as the A-Arms, trailing arms will be Speed Orange.

2021 speed UTV rg edition chassis
2021 Speed UTV RG Edition Model Frame & Chassis

Forged Parts

We also got a peak at the forged suspension parts. Everything from the uprights, hubs and bearing carrier.

These are the production spindles on the 2021 Speed UTV, they are forged and machined.

2021 speed UTV hub
Speed UTV Wheel Hub

The brake rotor has a groove in it, it mounts using 4 bolts, and then it also sits and rides on the wheel studs. When you push on the brakes you’ll be able to stop the car without a problem, even with 35” tires.

The bearing carrier will house a massive wheel bearing made for tall tires and high speed. Robby Gordon said it will be massive in comparison to what’s currently out on the market today.

Seats & Seat Pads

On the RG Edition model you will get 4 seat covers as well as a steering wheel cover to protect the suede in the event of rain.

2021 speed UTV seat pad next to the seat

Available as an aftermarket accessory you’ll also have the option to get seat pads, which will improve the ride drastically and make the g-outs that much more comfortable.

Questions & Answers

What’s the estimated 0-60MPH time?

No estimates yet, but Robby Gordon said it’ll be faster than anything that’s currently on the market.

Why did you decide to go with a CVT transmission & belt?

Robby Gordon said they have learned a lot with the XX, taken the car to Dakar, ran the sand dunes and learned a bunch of neat features that all were brought in production into the Speed UTV. 

The Speed UTV will have the biggest fan in the industry, the biggest belt, the LE and RG Edition models will also have a belt tempt sensor. It’ll control the fly by wire throtle. When it notices the belt is getting hot, it’s going to tune it down, keep in mind you’ll be able to overwrite that.

Robby said, overall the belt is a great system, a $130 belt is cheaper and quicker to replace than an axle or gear box.

How hard is it going to be to change the belt on the Speed UTV?

It’ll be very simple, you won’t have to remove suspension comonents, you won’t have to droop the car out. It’s going to take a couple bolts.

There are 2 bearings at the end of the CVTs, there are bearings on the primary and secondary, the aluminum cover is a structural support that ties the CVTs together. It keeps the case from yanking the input shaft from out of the gear, it’ll also keep the belts and pulley system aligned better than anything in the industry.

Any conversion kit available to bring it down to 72”?

70-72″ kit will be available in the future. Keep in mind, the car is 77″ wide at the bulge of the tire or at the widest part, on the tire tread the car is about 72-73 inches wide.

Is the cage welded or bolted on?

The cage is bolted on. The primary reason behind that, is because it’s easier to ship, the rest of the cage and chassis is all welded.

Optional 5th seat in the Speed UTV?

Robby said they will leave it up to aftermarket seat manufacturers to make a bench for the 3rd seat. The console up front is fairly tall, you won’t be able to fit it in the front. You may be able to make an adapter to fit a bench in the back. The team will be coming out with ideas for the back seat.

How is the suspension tuned in the 4 Seat Speed UTV EL Jefe? Will cargo effect the spring rates?

Standard spring rates will be set up for two 200lb people in the front, two 150lb people in the back, a spare tire and a little bit of luggage in the back or about 100lb.

What are the spring packs?

You have 2 stage springs right from the get-go. You will hear some slapping when the secondaries kick in, but you can lower up the secondaries, you’ll have stiffer spring for the sand. You can adjust the ride height. From factory the ridge height will be able 15″-16”.

Available online, Speed UTV will have various suspension sets up, such as for rock crawling, sand dunes, and trail riding, as well as the ideal tire pressure.

The shocks will have Schrader valves, the shocks will be able to handle up to 300lb’s of nitrogen, you’ll also be able to ride in 120 degree weather. 

The shocks are position sensitive, when the shock shaft enters into the shock can it has increased valving, it starts shutting off valving as it gets in. The shocks are going to be 15-20 stage shocks both on compression and rebound. Not only position sensitive but they also have the proper rising rate. They’re attached in the back with a full body mount, placing them in a max position of compression, max position of spring, along with the ideal optimize rising rate built into the suspension.

Things You Should Know

  • You’ll be able to turn off the front LEDs around the grille, as well as the backlight Speed UTV logo.
  • The configurator for your Speed UTV will be up next week. You’ll be able to customize the colors, pick your upgrades and accessories, and see how your Speed UTV will look like in 3D and various environments with all the accessories installed. Sign up for your account at
  • Pricing has increased on the 4 seat El Jefe Model, you can still pre-order the LE El Jefe for $35,000, price will go up to $37,000 once it’s at the dealers. RG Edition is available for pre-order for $37,000, MSRP is $39,999
  • Pre-order pricing on the 2 seat Baja Bandit and El Diablo LE models is available until July 15th at $30,000 for the LE model, or $32,500 for the RG edition model.

Stay up to date on our Speed UTV News Page, make sure you check out our Speed UTV article with all the details we’ve got. If you’ve got any question, get a hold of Speed UTV on Facebook and Instagram to have your questions answered.

You can still catch a recording of the livestream below:


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