On tonight’s Speed UTV livestream, we got an up close look at the design of the turbo, an exploded view of the Speed UTV wheel, found out more about the intricate details that went into keeping the engine cool, and had a ton of questions answered by Robby Gordon.

Speed UTV El Jefe LE Discounted Price

June is right around the corner and the price of El Jefe is about to jump up. If you’re in the market for this bad ass machine, don’t wait any longer, get all the goodies the Limited Edition El Jefe has to offer for $32,000 on SpeedUTV.com.

speed UTV el jefe 4 seater from the side

Beginning June 1st, for $32,000 you’ll be able to pre-order the base model car, the price of the Limited Edition El Jefe will jump up to $35,000. Once the car is available at the dealers in the fall that price will then jump up to $37,000.

Speed UTV Turbo & Integrated Turbo Manifold

The turbo is responsible for a large portion of the heat produced in the engine bay, Speed UTV is the first side by side manufacturer to put a turbo on the back of the engine instead of the front, which keeps the heat away from the engine and reduces the potential for fires. It also shortens the distance hot exhaust gases have to travel out.

speed UTV turbo manifold

The integrated manifold is inspired by Robby Gordon’s Indy Car racing days. The exhaust shell is incorporated right into the header pipe. It’s a once piece unit that saves weight by needing 4 less studs, it also eliminates the potential leaks that come with having another gasket to worry about.

speed UTV integrated manifold and turbine

There are no sharp edges or hard corners, the route the airflow will have to take is about as optimized as you can get while still keeping the price consumer friendly.

Oil Tank Inspired by Stadium Super Trucks

Stadium Super Trucks might as well be Formula 1 on steroids. Driving trophy trucks on pavement, with jumps in between tight corners and fast straightaways comes with another set of challenges.

When the Stadium Super Trucks are airborne, the trucks can fly anywhere between 200 and 225 feet. Car engines are not meant to fly. With that all hang time, the vehicle experiences positive gravity, which means the fluid is wanting to float away from the pick-up. Which is where the design of the oil cooler and oil can was inspired for the Speed UTV.

The race car style oil tank, separates the bubbles that form in oil, lets them settle, and allows the fluid to quickly and efficiently return back to the engine. So when you’re flying your Speed UTV in Glamis, starving your engine from oil will not be a concern.

speed UTV frame el diablo

Speed UTV Wheels

The Speed UTV wheel is completely unique design to the off-road industry. It’s a 2 piece bead lock, the bead lock face is integrated right into the wheel base.

speed UTV beadlock wheel broken down

The reason behind the flat face of the wheel is to keep as much weight of the stub axle as possible, and keep the proper kingpin inclination, scrub radius and steering geometry. Keep in mind if you decide to get different wheels, it’s not the end of the world, but you’ll be moving the load out another 1.75″ on each side. The wheels on the Speed UTV were designed to keep all the geometry at best angle possible.

Speed UTV Two Step Frame Coating Process

The frames on the Speed UTV will be coated in a two step process. First the frames will be e-coated and then they will be powder coated. The two step process will help keep corrosion out of the chassis.

frame coating process speed UTV 1 1

Let’s Talk Progress

Manufacturing will start in September. In the coming weeks the cars will be tested in the Arizona desert. Robby Gordon will also be giving us a look into the Engine, Transmission and Shock dynos on the upcoming livestreams. Up to date 1,030 cars have been sold directly to customers.

Questions & Answers

When the lockers are not engaged, is there some sort of a limited slip?

When you are in two wheel drive, you have a spool in the rear ring and pinion, the rear wheels are always going to be locked. The front diff will be open in two wheel drive and when you go into four wheel drive, when you engage four wheel drive lock, the front locker will lock and all 4 tires will be locked.

speed UTV bulkhead front diff differential

How much abuse will the torque limiter clutch take?

The torque limiter clutch is designed to handle 300HP. Keep in mind, this isn’t an indestructible race car, this is a UTV for you to go out and have fun and enjoy. It’s set up for 300HP, this is a slip clutch, so if you land on the gas and the pressure spikes it allows for slip. If you abuse this thing, you will be putting a new torque limiting clutch in the car.

It’s rebuildable, it does take some effort, you will have to split the case. You can also get into it and modify it, but at that point you’re just moving the weakest link elsewhere. You’re still going to have to be smart about it and drive it with respect and it will last.

speed UTV transmission internals

How does the suspension geometry and shock technology, compare to a trophy truck?

The unicorn is impossible to compare to. Outright in the desert and performance the unicorn will outperform any UTV, but if you’re looking smiles per dollar, the ratio in the Speed UTV is right where you need it.

To compare costs, it costs 2 Speed UTVs to run the unicorn for a weekend. Robby said that at this year’s Mint 400 he had just as much fun driving the Speed UTV as he did the trophy truck.

speed UTV el jefe in green side by side sxs

What number is displayed on the plate?

The number you see on the side of the car, is the number of cars sold when you bought yours. The number plate will go on first and then the rest of the graphics will be installed. The number plate is similar to what’s used on the Stadium Super Truck sticker. If you’re not a fan of the number, you’ll be able to remove it.

If you want a different number, you’ll be able to work with Speed UTV on that.

speed UTV el jefe 4 seater from the side

What’s the motor break in procedure, what will it be for the Speed UTV?

There will be built in time limiters put into the ECU to break the engine in correctly. Running 91 octane will be the best to start with.

If you upgrade to the RG Edition do you loose your position in line?

No, you will keep your place inline. You won’t jump up or down if you upgrade.

speed UTV el jefe in white side by side sxs

Are you going to be offering 35″ tires at time of production?

No, Speed UTV is going to be producing 32.5” right now, the 35” Speed UTV tires will be down the road.

For mountain and trail riding, are you going to offer a full fender that comes to the edges of the tire?

No, not from factory, the aftermarket accessory market will definitely build something that’s easily to install. From factory where the wheels are at, it protects you from the mud and the elements fairly well from coming into the cab.

black speed UTV from the front

Will the LE graphics cover the roof?

No, the LE graphic will not cover the roof.

Things You Should Know

  • The Speed UTV Race Radio will have two Speed Frequencies coded right into the radio, you’ll easily be able to communicate with other Speed UTV’s on group rides.
  • The alternator is powered by a serpentine belt. It’s different than the magneto coil used by Polaris and Can-Am.
  • On the closed cab model, the AC will run off of the same serpentine belt that runs the generator.

Stay up to date on our Speed UTV News Page, make sure you check out our Speed UTV article with all the details we’ve got. If you’ve got any question, get a hold of Speed UTV on Facebook and Instagram to have your questions answered.

You can still catch a recording of the livestream below:


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