RCR-FORCE™ 12-Switch Panel Power System

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA (November 2, 2019) – Off Road Engineering LLC, a two-time SEMA award winner, is growing its Switch-Pros brand to include the all-new RCR- FORCE™ 12 Switch Panel Power System.

The RCR-FORCE™ 12 will feature twelve tactile switches, in a three-row configuration, with the same style and feel of the previous Switch-Pros systems. The twelve circuit, 150 amp power module will control up to seventeen outputs, using a combination of direct and trigger inputs. Five of the circuits are able to handle inductive loads, and one circuit is a low side driver.

In keeping with the Switch-Pros typical design elements, the RCR-FORCE™ 12 will feature RGB backlighting, factory look integration for the touch panel, built-in Bluetooth module, and a compact, solid state power module.

The RCR-FORCE™ 12 kit will include everything necessary for installation, plus the all new RCR-TOUCH™ snap on bezel, which helps the driver select switches with precision, even while traveling rough terrain or wearing gloves.

Switch-Pros is based in the United States, and all products, including the RCR-FORCE™ 12 are manufactured at their facility in California.

For more information, please contact the Switch-Pros Sales Department at 949-581-2991, or visit www.switchpros.com.

Contact: Laura Muertter, Vice President

(949) 581-2991

[email protected]



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