When our buddy Gregg Godfrey (Founder of Nitro Circus & Leader of the Godfrey Clan) hit us up the other day to tell us he had a video of our good buddy and fellow Godfrey Clan member Tanner Godfrey scaring their friend Natalie behind the wheel of their new Polaris RZR I knew we would enjoy that. See, Tanner drives with a walking stick. He is paralyzed from the waist down due to a motorcycle accident years ago (you can see more about on Tanner’s story by CLICKING HERE), the problem is Tanner doesn’t realize that when you drive with a stick you are inherently making your co-driver piss their pants before you have them in the car for 1 minute.

We love what Tanner is about, he has become a close friend of UTVUnderground.com and UTVs have given him an outlet to still be the same crazy and wild young man he has always been. If you follow the Nitro Circus crew then you know how these guys roll, its full throttle all the time!

Anyway, we figured we would share this fun clip. Please click that link above and read up and watch more on Tanner. He is an inspiration to many, he is one of my heroes and he is a huge asset to the UTV community!

Oh yeah, and be on the lookout for what looks to be another fun and exciting show by Gregg Godfrey called The Godfrey Clan. Something tells us this won’t be the only crazy and wild thing we see!!

– Joey D.


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