Link to Product:  2″ x 20′ Boat Winch Strap w/ Hook

When the men and women at Rhino USA sit down and decide what to fix next in the world of straps, tires, and recovery equipment – something good always comes out of it! Take the humble boat winch strap. This often ignored piece of equipment is the only thing keeping your boat – (which you love and cost you as much or more than a car) – attached to your trailer – which is also expensive and requires careful maintenance and love. Some people may settle for a rusty sketchy boat winch, and a decrepit falling apart junk boat winch strap – but you should not! Don’t be that guy at the boat launch scratching his head because his $50K boat just slid off his trailer due to a broken strap. The Rhino USA 2″ x 20′ Boat Winch Strap w/ Hook is an easy, 15 minute upgrade to your boat towing setup that will give you YEARS of confident towing and secure boat winch use.

rhino usa boat winch strap 02

Rhino made their Boat Winch Strap with the same exclusive poly/silk webbing as their bigger recovery straps, which are the softest, yet toughest quality straps in the industry. This 2” strap is 20 feet long and has a break strength of over 5,000 pounds! This is a top of the line strap and it is both water resistant and UV resistant so it won’t break down like other cheap straps will. The black forged steel powder coated hook has a convenient locking tab for securing to your boat and is corrosion resistant as well.

rhino usa boat winch strap 04

We have been using the Rhino Boat Winch Strap for the past year on our Jet Ski and fishing boat trailers and that has prompted us to keep our winches clean, lubricated, and covered from the sun when not in use. Each time we go out with our boats we have the piece of mind knowing that the strap holding the boat on the trailer is rock solid – just like our other Rhino straps. In all that time we’ve never had a failure. These straps are simply remarkable.

rhino usa boat winch strap 07

Remember anytime you are winching your boat onto your trailer, make sure that there are no people near the back or side of the boat in case your winch fails. It’s also a good idea to use the additional anchor points provided on your trailer to add additional Rhino USA straps to secure your boat – especially if you’re towing it on the freeway at 55mph. A few minutes with the right straps could save you tens of thousands of dollars down the road – no to mention the embarrassment of standing next to your boat on the side of the road if it comes off the trailer while towing.

rhino usa boat winch strap 05

Our only minor gripe about the Rhino Boat Winch Straps is that they don’t come with a more rubberized hook or a robust cinch bag or gear bag. Or come in colors other than black. That being said Rhino does offer two different heavy duty gear bags, so keep that in mind. The Rhino USA Boat Winch Straps are designed and engineered right here in the USA, and like all Rhino products, they come with a lifetime money back guarantee. So head over to OR ask for the Rhino USA Boat Winch Straps at your local boat shop.


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