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I can not tell you how many times I have gotten my ‘12 Tacoma stuck in the mud or sand. It’s actually pretty embarrassing because it has a kick ass set of BFG’s, and I have onboard air in the bed of the truck. So I really have no excuse. What I will also admit is that every single time I’ve gotten it stuck I kicked myself for not having, you know, a SHOVEL in the bed of the damn truck! Well – NO MORE!  I got it now, tucked nearly under the rear seat. It’s the all new Rhino USA Collapsible Survival Shovel and it’s the best damn tool in my truck now!

off road shovel rhino usa 12

Rhino USA – the makers of the world-famous Rhino Strap – have redesigned the modern compact folding survival shovel into one that is now collapsible and even easier to use! This survival shovel is still built with the same time-honored design and quality craftsmanship as their original shovel – and is still made with powder coated carbon steel… But it now features a long, straight handle design with comfortable rubber grips that make it much easier to dig with.

The Rhino USA Collapsible Survival Shovel is a heavy duty, carbon steel, military style entrenching tool, for off-road, camping, gardening, beach, digging dirt, sand, mud & snow – and it’s guaranteed for life. It’s a must-have tool for off-roaders and overlanders. Don’t get caught in the mud or sand and end up digging out by hand! 

off road shovel rhino usa 03

We picked one of these up for every UTV and truck we own and we love them. They are so damn easy to use. You simply slide the shovel out of the carry case, screw the handle base sections together, and twist the locking collar to the right. BAMM! You’ve got nearly two feet of usable shovel to work with.  

The shovel also doubles as a tough pickaxe with sharp rugged saw teeth too! Simply tilt the shovel head at a 90 degree angle and lock in place to use as a pick. Fully extended, this shovel reaches 24″ long but breaks down to only 9″ x 6″ when Collapsed into the FREE, rugged Camo Carrying Case. AND – like every Rhino USA product it comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. The Rhino USA Collapsible Survival Shovel is the perfect inexpensive holiday or birthday gift idea for your family or friends. You can pick them up at OR ask your local off-road shop for the Rhino USA Collapsible Survival Shovel!


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