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The quick hit: The Rhino USA D-Ring Shackle Set is a kit with two ¾” super heavy-duty, solid forged chromoly steel D-rings with a ⅞” pin designed for use with a tow strap, winch, or other recovery tools. They have an incredible break strength of over 41K pounds, come in six gorgeous rust-proof colors, and have a 100% money-back guarantee. The Rhino USA D-Rings belong on the front and back of every truck, SUV, and UTV you own.

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I can’t count how many times I have needed a tow or offered to help with a tow, and there was nothing decent to connect to. It seems like more often than not, the most time-consuming part of vehicle recovery isn’t the actual recovery, it’s the mental gymnastics of trying to figure out how to tow someone without damaging their rig – or yours! Case in point – last year we were out at Pirates Cove – had a blast riding UTV’s. I was driving our C-Class RV and towing a single trailer. When we loaded up to head home I inadvertently drove us right into the corner of the sand volleyball court and within a matter of seconds got her stuck to the frame. Idiot. I know… Luckily we were able to unload the UTV off the trailer and pull it around in front of the RV to tow it out. Just one problem. No D-Rings. None on the UTV, none on the RV. We eventually rigged up some tow straps but ended up damaging the RV bumper. The whole thing was sketchy.

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What we needed, and what you need, is a Rhino USA D-Ring Shackle Set for the front and rear bumper of every vehicle you own, because chances are none of them came with proper recovery points. If you have an aftermarket bumper or a serious off-road truck you might have real recovery points, but most of them are hooks..and we all know hooks don’t work in many situations. What we love about the Rhino USA D-Rings is just the quality look and feel. Their Gloss Black, Green, White, and Gray shackles even come with a set of isolators and rubber washers to prevent rattle and paint chipping. Functional and stylish. These D-Rings measure 5 inches tall and have a 2-inch center opening with a 1.25-inch gap for the pin connection. That means they are perfect for the 2” and 3” Rhino USA recovery straps and will handle almost any hook or connection you throw at them.

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At our show, we like to be functional, but we don’t want our rigs to look like construction equipment. So we run the Rhino USA D-Rings in matte black on all six of our tow rigs. And yes, we even have them on the front and back of our RV and UTV’s now. We’re now fully prepared to recover just about anything in any scenario. All thanks to Rhino USA. Remember Rhino is an American-owned, family business rooted in off-road and motorsports. They take pride in everything they make and offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all of their equipment and tools. You can pick up their D-Ring Shackle Set right on their website with lightning-fast shipping. See you guys in the dirt!


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