Link to Product: Car Tie-Down Lasso Straps (4-Pack)

Rhino USA built their company on one simple premise; manufacture the best vehicle transportation, recovery, and accessory equipment on the planet. So it’s only fitting that they have expanded their product line from their groundbreaking ratchet straps into tow straps, lashing straps, bungee cords, super shackles and even boat winch straps. Their newest product – The Rhino USA Heavy Duty Lasso Straps are squarely aimed at those folks who are transporting mid size vehicles on trailers, ranging from UTV’s to Jeep’s and mid size trucks.  

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Lasso Straps are used to secure a vehicle to a trailer, car carrier, or tow truck during transportation. It’s one of the most popular and common tie-downs used for vehicle transportation. The Rhino USA Lasso Straps were designed to go over and around the tire of an automobile. The strap is passed through the massive heavy duty D-ring like a lasso, hence the name “Lasso Strap’. It’s then looped into the Rhino USA ratchet and tightened down, making a rock solid connection to the trailer. 

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The Rhino USA Lasso Strap kit comes with four (4) heavy duty 2 inch by 8 foot straps that have a 5,800 pound working load limit and a max break strength limit of over 17,500 pounds. It’s the same exclusive poly/silk webbing as their bigger recovery straps, which are the softest, yet toughest straps in the industry. There are four heavy duty rubber coated ratchets included in the kit as well, that feature over a foot of super thick heavy duty, black, forged steel, powder coated chain and a 5/16th hook – for making a rock solid connection to your trailer. The straps are both water resistant and UV resistant so they won’t break down like other cheap straps will. The black forged steel chain and hook are corrosion resistant as well. 

We have been using the Rhino Lasso Straps for the past year when towing our UTV’s and trucks up to the mountains on trailers and we love this system. It’s by far one of the fastest and most secure ways to tie down your vehicle to the trailer. There’s no risk of scratching your wheels or car paint and the system immobilizes the wheels so if for some reason the parking brake fails your rig isn’t going anywhere. It’s also a great system for using on winding roads where the weight of your load is transferring back and forth and front to back.

rhino usa lasso tire strap 04

The Rhino Lasso Straps use outward force to lock the vehicle down tight to the trailer. That makes for the safest connection possible when transporting a truck or UTV. Each time we go out with our rigs we have the piece of mind knowing that the strap holding the truck on the trailer is rock solid – just like all our other Rhino straps. 

Our only minor gripe about the Rhino Lasso Straps is that they don’t come with a locking clip or more rubberized hook, and we would love a more robust cinch bag or gear bag. That being said Rhino does offer two different  heavy duty gear bags, so keep that in mind. The Rhino USA Lasso Strap kits are designed and engineered right here in the USA, and like all Rhino products, they come with a lifetime money back guarantee. So head over to OR ask for the Rhino USA Lasso Straps at your local automotive shop. 


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