If you’ve been following our page for the last few years you know we’re huge fans of Rhino USA because they make the best ratchet and tie down straps as well as other tire and recovery accessories, literally on the planet. Fortunately for all of us trail hounds and camping junkies they have expanded into all kinds of exciting new products. Recently we got our hands on their brand new Outdoor Pop-Up Privacy Tent which is yet another fantastic addition to the lineup and something we were excited to test out this spring.

rhino usa pop up privacy tent 009

The Rhino USA Outdoor Pop-Up Privacy Tent is the perfect addition to your camping and trail gear setup, because it allows you to create an instant, private solution to changing your clothes, taking a shower, or as a discreet bathroom, when you’re out on the trail or in your campsite. There’s no need to stop and spend time setting up a full blown tent, or worry about changing in your vehicle, or finding a private place to shower, because the Rhino Pop-Up Privacy Tent provides an instantaneous personal area for you and your family to use. 

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The tent measures a full seven feet in height, (a full foot taller than most changing tents), making it ideal for tall people and for hanging a camp shower bag, and its four feet wide at the base. It’s made with a heavy duty 210D polyester material which is thicker than most tents AND it comes in a slick camo print that’s unique to Rhino. It also features heavy duty zippers and pulls so you don’t have to worry about them ripping off. It also comes with a sewn-in floor with vented corners for easy dirt removal or water drainage if you’re using it with a camp shower. No other manufacturer offers a sewn-in floor. Most come with a cheap tarp you lay on the ground before popping up the tent, and require you to place the tent on top of the tarp. The Rhino Pop-Up Tent is simple & convenient and can be quickly done in one easy step! The zippered mesh screens at the top and upper rear side of the tent allow ventilation and air flow while keeping bugs out – another Rhino Exclusive. And the sewn in interior pockets are perfect for holding cell phones, glasses, accessories, etc

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We took the Rhino Pop-Up Privacy Tent out on the trail this spring and it came in super handy. It gave the ladies in our group a private place to change in camp, and we converted it into a shower several times on the trail. It was super easy to set up. All you do is remove it from the included camo carry bag and gently unfold the rings – the tent will pop up under its own power in a matter of seconds. You just place it on a flat surface and you’re instantly ready for a private, clean, bug free space to change, shower, or more! It even comes with some nifty tent stakes to keep it from walking away on you. Simply reverse the process to pack it up and you’re back on the trail in seconds. 

rhino usa pop up privacy tent 008

We love that the Rhino USA Pop-Up Privacy Tent comes with a Camo Carry Bag for convenient storage and transport and the tents camo pattern is awesome. We’d love to see a few more colors offered and maybe a few more storage pockets inside – but for something this small and easy to use it already crushes the competition. We also love Rhino’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, they will refund your money. 

You can find the Rhino USA Pop-Up Privacy Tent at your local off-road shop, or camping supplier, OR head over to Rhinousainc.com and buy direct. Or you can pick one up right from their Amazon page. Whether you’re at the beach, on the trail, or camping in the woods this The Rhino USA Pop-Up Privacy Tent is a must have for your camping and overland kits! 


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