Link to Product8 Ton Super Shackles w/ Isolators

If you’re new to recovery lingo and gear don’t worry – this article is going to break a few important ideas down for you and point you in the right direction on gear.  If you’re a season recovery expert jump ahead a bit – you know the deal – Rhino USA now makes BADASS Super Shackles and you need these for your truck!

HD Super Shackle Set 10

We’ve talked before about the 3/4″ D-Ring Shackle Set before, here’s a LINK to that article. Don’t be confused – these are all NEW 8 Ton Super Shackles! This is the biggest baddest shackle and isolator Rhino makes and it’s the best damn one on the planet.

HD Super Shackle Set 11

These massive powder coated chromoly steel d-rings come in Rhino green or black. They feature rubber washers to knock down the rattle, rubber isolators to protect your bumper, and attach to nearly all factory and aftermarket mounting points using a standard 7/8” pin. They even come with a locking R-clip to prevent the pin from coming loose.

HD Super Shackle Set 13

The Rhino USA Heavy Duty Super Shackles feature a break strength of over 70,000 pounds and are lab tested and certified! And the anti-rust coating will keep them looking new for years to come. When you pick these babies up in your hands they feel like something the big boys use when building skyscrapers. This is legit equipment made by the same company that makes indestructible straps and recovery gear.

HD Super Shackle Set 17

We have three 1-ton trucks in our fleet and we use these Rhino Super Shackles on ALL of them. You know the old saying about the weakest link right? Well make sure it’s NOT your truck or equipment. Slap one of these shackles on each corner of your truck and you’re ready to tow a house, recover a buddy, or become a winch point on the trail.

To install simply unscrew the ⅞” pin and slide them on to your mounting points. Insert the pin and tighten, then insert the R-clip, and you’re done! You now have two of the most robust recovery points on the planet.

HD Super Shackle Set 22

Our only minor complaint about these shackles is that we wish they came in a few more colors so we could match them better to our vehicles. As we also want some kind of built- in locking feature in the future so we don’t have to pull them off the truck when we’re running out to Long Beach or down to Baja. Anything bright green has a way of walking off in Ensenada. That said, we love the fit and look of these shackles.

The Rhino USA Heavy Duty Super Shackle Set comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, they’ll refund your money. Don’t put cheap crap on your expensive ride – buy from an American owned father and son business.

You can pick up the Rhino USA Heavy Duty Super Shackle Set at your local automotive shop, or head over to and buy direct. And remember – everything Rhino USA makes is engineered here in America and comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee.


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