Link to Product:  2″ x 43″ Retractable Transom Tie-Down Straps (2-Pack)

Rhino USA makes the best tie downs, ratchet straps, and recovery gear in the business, and now they’re making a whole line of straps geared towards boat owners. The Rhino USA Retractable Transom Straps are the perfect way to add safety and security to your boat trailer. They restrict vertical and lateral movement of the boat to safely secure the boat to the trailer, and they also restrict bouncing of the boat on the trailer bunks or rollers. These self-storing watercraft tie-downs measure 2” by 43” and extend smoothly and effortlessly, and once attached, retract the excess strap length with the click of a button! 

boat transom straps rhino usa 03

We got our hands on some of these transom straps a few months ago and installed them on our fishing boat and jet ski trailers and they absolutely kick ass. They feature corrosion resistant stainless steel internals, an anodized ratchet, ergonomic padded handle, and the same coated full bend S hooks with keepers as Rhino’s top-of-the-line ratchet straps. They have a working load limit of 1,000 pounds and a max break strength of 3,000 pounds each! And the Poly-Silk Webbing and Polymer ratchet body won’t scratch or damage fiberglass.

The EZ retract system saves time and the headache of tying off ropes or other tie towns. No more flapping straps off the back of your boat when towing! 

boat transom straps rhino usa 05

Installation on your trailer is a breeze. Simply drill a hole into the rear bumper of your boat trailer on the inside of your turn signals, paying attention not to damage any of your trailer wiring. Then secure the Rhino USA Retractable Transom Straps to the trailer with the supplied bolts. That’s it! You’re now ready to release the straps when needed and secure them to your boat. Give them a few clicks to tighten up the load and you’re ready to roll! 

boat transom straps rhino usa 09

We’re stoked that we never have to go hunting for straps now because they are a permanent part of the trailer. Our only minor gripe is that there isn’t really a way to keep the S hooks from flopping around when they aren’t attached to a watercraft and you’re transporting your trailer – but because they’re coated you can’t hear them moving at all – and we’re rarely towing without the boats. Overall this is a solid addition and upgrade to any watercraft trailer. 

The Rhino USA Retractable Transom Straps come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, they will refund your money. You can find them at your local marine shop, head over to and buy direct or get them on the Rhino Amazon we store. Don’t trust your boat to cheap Chinese crap – get a set of these Rhino USA Transom Straps and roll with piece of mind that you’ve got the best ratchet straps on the planet handling your boat!


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