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Rhino USA has been the undisputed leader in ratchet and tie down straps as well as other tire and recovery accessories for years now. Fortunately for us they have expanded into all kinds of exciting new products. Recently we got our hands on their bullet-proof line of overland products and the Rhino USA Roof Top Cargo Bag is yet another fantastic addition to the lineup. 

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The Rhino USA Roof Top Cargo Bag is for those folks who need some extra room for cargo while on the go. Almost every car, truck or SUV sold these days has a roof rack, but unless you have a heavy duty cargo carrier like this, that’s just wasted space. The Rhino Roof Bag gives you nearly 18 cubic feet of storage space on your roof so you can relocate all of those items you don’t need immediate access to, and free up the space you do need in your vehicle while road tripping or on the trail.

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This bag is super simple to install. You simply roll the bag out on the roof of your car or truck and use the ten straps that are built into the bag to attach each of the corners and sides securely. It’s that simple. Don’t have a roof rack? No problem Rhino has provided (6) six heavy duty hook and loop fasteners designed to fit most roof grooves where the doors meet the roof line. You can use these fasteners to connect all four corners plus the side straps and you’re still in business!

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One thing we really love about the design of this bag is that you can unzip three sides and fold back the massive top flap. That means that several people can be loading it up from either side and the back of the bag at the same time. There’s also a massive 5” zipper cover on all three zippered sides, protecting the zipper line from the elements. And if that wasn’t enough there are (8) eight additional heavy duty nylon loops on top of the bag in base you need to attach anything on top or just need additional tie down points. 

The designers at Rhino have really thought of everything. Once you have the bag hooked on the roof just stuff the bag full of luggage, bedding, jackets, whatever you don’t need immediate access to while driving and use that freed up space for this stuff you do need access too. 

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The Rhino USA Roof Top Cargo Bag comes with ten (10) built-in heavy duty straps that connect to your car and have a 5,800 pound working load limit and a max break strength limit of over 17,500 pounds. It’s the same exclusive poly/silk webbing as their recovery straps, which are the softest, yet toughest straps in the industry. 

The bag comes in its own carry bag for easy storage – AND includes a heavy duty combination lock to keep would-be thieves out of your stuff. How cool is that? We’ve been using the Rhino Heavy Duty Cargo Roof Carrier all summer and we’ve put it through hot winds, cold nights, frost, rain, and even some mountain snow. These bags are indestructible! The waterproof nylon has kept our gear dry and the heavy duty quality zippers have held up perfectly. This is by far one of the fastest and most secure ways to free up space in your vehicle for road trips. We love these bags! 

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The soft padded bottom of the Roof Top Cargo Bag means there’s no risk of scratching your roof paint and the system immobilizes the cargo, so no matter what your speed or angle of your vehicle your cargo isn’t going anywhere. There’s very little wind resistance and no noticeable effect on the car when driving. 

We’d love to see these bags offered in a few additional colors and maybe include a few extra zippered access points from the sides for quick access. But that’s not going to keep us from recommending these bags if you’re in the market for a roof top solution. The Rhino USA Roof Top Cargo Bags are designed and engineered right here in the USA, and like all Rhino products, they come with a lifetime money back guarantee. So head over to OR ask for the Rhino USA Roof Top Cargo Bag at your local automotive shop. 


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