The quick hit: The Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver is by far the best shackle hitch on the market and should be in the tow kit for every vehicle you own. If you don’t have the proper size hitch ball, this handy shackle hitch will save you from having to rig up an unsafe solution to tow or recover with. The kit includes a heavy-duty ¾” D-Ring with a break strength over 31K pounds, and a 2” receiver that can handle over 41K pounds! This shackle hitch receiver is the best solution for towing with a strap, doing recovery work, or heavy-duty towing when a hitch ball just isn’t practical. It comes with a money-back guarantee, lifetime warranty and is manufactured by an American-owned and operated family-run business.

Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver 3.4.2 Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver 3.5.1

If you’re like most people – you’ve ignored your hitch ball or “tow package” for years – but now all of sudden you find yourself with a shiny new UTV, jet ski, lawnmower, or even boat. Or, maybe you own a 4X4 and want to up your recovery game. Either way, welcome to the towing/recovery club! You may be wondering – “After my hitch ball, what is the very next item I need in my tow kit?” The answer is simple. You need a shackle hitch. More specifically you want the Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver! Why? Your standard 2” hitch and hitch ball is good for a lot of things…trailer towing, camper towing, U Haul trailers, etc…but it’s not that great for recovery. Getting things unstuck, or towing things with straps is a different animal. In those instances what you need is a central point on the rear of your truck, SUV, or Jeep to attach a recovery strap to. And for that you need a shackle hitch. A shackle hitch puts a vertically oriented D-ring in the center of your tow receiver and removes any doubt about the strength of your connection. This way you avoid the potential of the strap slipping off the hitch ball because the connection is rock solid.

Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver 3.6.1 Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver 3.7.1 Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver 3.9.1 Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver 4.3.1

Now in a perfect world on the other end of your new Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver and Rhino USA 2” or 3” Recovery Strap, the vehicle you are towing or recovering would also have a D-ring to attach to as well…but don’t count on it! That’s why you want a few Rhino USA Synthetic Soft Shackles in your kit because those can safely attach to a front bumper, axle, or other spots on a vehicle without damaging the paint or body. You can really start to see how all these components work together and add up to a very capable recovery kit in no time. But all of that begins with the Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver. Now some of you may have a kick-ass 4X4 custom bumper with D-rings on the corners and be thinking “I’m covered!” right? Maybe. Adding a centered D-ring to a rear bumper setup with outer corner rings is still smart – especially if you’re into rock crawling. You never know what kind of situation you’re going to end up in and you might as well run a D-Ring if you’re not towing a trailer. A hitch ball is nearly useless on the trail.

What makes the Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver better than the competition? Craftsmanship. You can feel how well it’s made the second you pick it up. This is super heavy-duty quality made metalwork. And knowing Rhino is an American company, and backed by a lifetime warranty is awesome. We run a Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver on every truck, SUV, and UTV we own. Inside each machine, we keep two or three Rhino USA 2” or 3” Recovery Straps and as many as four Rhino USA Soft Shackles, minimum. That way no matter what we are doing we have a capable tow kit in every vehicle we own. Visit to pick one up or ask for them at your local off-road shop. See you guys out in the dirt!

Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver 3.10.1Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver 3.4.1


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