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If you’ve been following along on our series of Rhino USA product reviews then you know they are the kings of ratchet straps, tie downs, and now recovery equipment. Today we’re going to cover a piece of recovery gear that everyone should have in their arsenal. We’re talking about the Rhino USA Recovery Snatch Block. If you’re a hard core recovery guy or gal – skip ahead a bit and read the specs below. You can beat the price and features of this Rhino Snatch Block. For you newbies out there – check this out.

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A snatch block is a heavy-duty pulley inside a metal casing. It is primarily designed for handling heavy goods, working as a pulley point that can redirect the course of a winch line. Snatch blocks are also used to increase the lifting or pulling capacity of wire hoists and winches. It’s common for this method to produce a 100% increase in pulling or lifting capacity. Just be aware of the extra force this has on your anchor points.

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Snatch blocks allow you to change the direction of a winch’s cable by off-setting the anchor point, allowing you to pull in a three-point motion. Sturdy and durable, snatch blocks are ideal for transferring loads over short distances and are commonly used in recovery situations.When used in conjunction with a winch, a snatch block can increase the winch’s power considerably, allowing for a smoother, easier winching process.

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Here’s a common scenario…your buddy is stuck in the mud. He doesn’t have a winch – but you do. However because of the angle of the trail you don’t have a straight shot to pull him out. What do you do? Well if you have an anchor point in front of your buddy – say a rock, tree, or other HEAVY object – you can rig up a snatch block and use your winch to pull him out – even while at a much different angle to him.

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A quick tip on safety here. Make sure that there are no people near the snatch block or the anchor points when you conduct a retrieval. Ask yourself what would happen if the winch cable or tow rope you are using broke. The slingshot effect can be very very dangerous. So no matter what you rig up – take your time, and be sure folks are twice the distance of the cable length from the recovery process at all times.

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The Rhino USA Snatch Block is intended to be used with the 3″ Recovery Tree Saver Strap and a D-RING Shackle when pulling your vehicle out of a sticky situation. To use it simply feed your winch cable through the Snatch Block’s Pulley, then wrap the Tree Saver Strap around a nearby tree, use a D-RING Shackle to attach the Tree Saver to the Snatch Block, and run your winch back to a D-RING on your vehicle’s front bumper.
The Rhino Snatch Block has a max break strength of over 27,000 pounds so it will hold up to most vehicle recoveries just fine.

Our only minor gripe about the Rhino Snatch Block is that it doesn’t come with its own cinch bag or gear bag. That being said Rhino does offer complete recovery kits with Tree Saver Straps and shackles included so keep that in mind. The Rhino USA Snatch Blocks are designed and engineered right here in the USA, and like all Rhino products, they come with a lifetime money back guarantee. So head over to OR ask for the Rhino USA Snatch Blocks at your local off road shop.


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