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In the world of vehicle recovery everything revolves around anchor points. To get vehicles unstuck or prevent them from rolling over you have to offset their weight. Sometimes that’s as simple as using a Rhino USA Tow Strap or Kinetic Rope. Sometimes it’s a bit more complex and requires a Rhino Snatch Block. And sometimes you simply need to connect to a tree – and for that you want a Rhino USA Recovery Tree Saver Strap.

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When you’re on the trail, out in mother nature wheelin’ around, sometimes the best way to prevent a rollover or recover a vehicle is to hitch your wagon to a tree. Now there’s a whole science behind picking the right tree, the angle to attach to, and the best way to rig up your straps. We’re not going to get too deep in the weeds on that. But what we will say is for the very basic setup you’ll need is a Rhino Tree Saver Strap, Heavy Duty Shackle, and winch to get yourself or your buddies unstuck.

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Why a Tree Saver Strap? Is this some kind of tree-hugging hippie device? No it’s very simple – it’s a strap designed to protect the tree you are using to recover with. And you’re doing that so that the tree is not damaged during the recovery process – rendering it useless for your fellow off-roader down the line. Think of tree bark as mother nature’s Rhino Lining. It protects trees from inclimate weather, bugs, fungus, you name it. If you damage a tree with a rope, winch cable, or other recovery device you can cause an infection and kill the tree within a matter of weeks. Not to mention that many off-road parks and state and national trails require them whenever using trees for recovery.

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So – you’re doing your part to keep trees on the trail healthy for years to come. Keep in mind these straps can also be used on rocks, metal or really any anchor point that you’re trying to keep from being scraped or damaged during a recovery.

The Rhino USA Tree Saver Straps are built with triple reinforced loop ends, feature a heavy duty protective sleeve, and use Rhino’s exclusive poly/silk webbing for extreme performance. They have a lab tested break strength of over 31,000 pounds – and come in two sizes; 3” by 8 feet and 4” by 10 feet. To use them simply loop them around a large tree or other heavy, stationary anchor point and use a Rhino USA Heavy Duty Shackle to connect the looped ends. You now have a massive, stable anchor point to connect your winch, snatch block, or recovery straps to.

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Our only minor gripe about these Tree Saver Straps is that they don’t come with their own cinch bag or gear bag. That being said most people will put them in a tote, or recovery gear bag with other items and they are priced accordingly.

The Rhino USA Tree Saver Straps are designed and engineered right here in the USA, and like all Rhino products, they come with a lifetime money back guarantee. So head over to OR ask for the Rhino USA Tree Saver Straps at your local off road shop.


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