Part of off-roading, adventuring, and Overlanding is the thrill of getting into, and out of sticky situations. It’s about pushing your body and your gear to the limit sometimes – to get to that one far away spot, or stay that one extra night out on the trail. Because let’s be honest, things have been a little strange the last year and a half and we could all do with some trail time with close friends and family. And if you can extend that and maximize it, you’re stoked. The thing is, anytime you head down a dirt, sand, mud, rocky or snowy trail in a vehicle, you’re bound to shake something loose or even break something. Not a big deal if you have the right parts and the right tools. But the challenge of course is what to bring, and how to pack it. Even if you’re rocking a badass adventure van, space and weight are always going to be an issue – and that’s where the all-new Rhino USA UTV Tool Roll Bag comes in.

Rhino USA UTV Tool Roll Bag Lifestyle 25

Rhino USA UTV Tool Roll Bag Lifestyle 2

At first glance, the Rhino USA UTV Tool Roll Bag seems like a pretty standard soft bag for tools. That is until you pick it up and realize it’s made of really really thick nylon. It’s got the same rock-solid heavy-duty grab handle they use for their other products and they included a clip-on/off shoulder strap too. The two massive 2.5” side clips that hold the organizer closed look indestructible too. It’s when you open up the organizer you immediately notice that these guys went the extra mile to help with the organization. There are five, count them FIVE heavy-duty pouches attached to the inside body of the organizer, and they are prelabeled “Specialty”, “Misc”, “Pliers”, “Sockets”, and “Wrenches”. That’s in addition to the two massive stash pockets at the top of the bag, one outside and one inside. Oh, and did we mention all five of the pre-labeled tool pouches are removable with heavy-duty velcro? GENIUS. If you roll this baby out and know you only need your sockets, you don’t need to lug the whole damn thing around like those old metal toolboxes. This is a really really slick system.

When unrolled the Rhino Tool Roll Bag measures just over 14” wide by 24” long. Rolled up and chock full of tools – the organizer comes in at about 9’-10’ in diameter. Smaller than a sleeping bag and much easier to pack than a toolbox. Obviously, the weight will be dependent on how much stuff you can cram into the bag. We managed to get two complete sets of sockets, (metric and standard), two sets of wrenches, eight varieties of pliers, a whole mess of screwdrivers, and a full pocket of specialty tools for our UTV’s. We even found room for duct tape, bailing wire, zip ties, fuses, a leatherman, mini mag light, a flint stick, compass, emergency space blanket, and some brass knuckles. We still had some room after all of that too!

So is this handy dandy tool roll bag missing anything? Nope. And it has legit zippers too. Our only complaint is that it doesn’t come (optionally), fully loaded with tools. At least not yet. Then again every UTV is different so you’re gonna need specialized tools and this is the perfect bag to hold them all.  This UTV tool roll bag is the ultimate gift for any UTV, boat, RV, truck, or SUV owner. Hell, it’s handy for around the house or in the daily driver. Pick one up, fill’er up with the tools you need to stay on the train, and have the peace of mind knowing you’re 100% dialed for any situation you end up in. Remember everything Rhino USA makes is engineered here in America and comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee. So head over to OR ask for the Rhino USA Ultimate UTV Tool Organizer at your local off-road shop.


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