Trail Tech Voyager Pro Product Review

If you’re a trail bike guy or girl than you know the number one concern when heading out for a ride is knowing where you are, and where you’re going. Nothing is more frustrating than being on a group ride and getting split up. The same is true for UTV group rides. Keeping track of everyone is an important part of the ride and ultimately a safety issue. Not everyone has built in GPS or a group tracking system in their side by side, but thankfully Trail Tech has released the Voyager Pro, which solves all of those problems and more.

The Voyager Pro is THE CONNECTED RIDER’S GPS and is the next evolution of Trail Tech’s most popular off-road GPS system. It’s a bolt on system designed to be mounted either in-dash, or on a roll bar for easy viewing and operation.

It features patent pending Buddy Tracking*, Bluetooth for phone and media connection, a 4″ color touchscreen, and full vehicle integration. Now – we can see the data that matters most to us with the touch of a button!

The Voyager Pro features eight different full color feedback screens including the map screen, cluster screen, tachbar, user, media, stopwatch, satellite and settings. All easy to navigate with the weatherproof push buttons on either side of the unit. No more fumbling with gloved hands while trying to access – touch screen data like an iPad!

The map screen is the focal point of the Voyager Pro, giving you the features you need to master your adventure. This screen allows you to create TRACKS & WAYPOINTS, RECORD TRACKS, Handle GPX FILE IMPORT AND EXPORT, DROP CUSTOMIZED WAYPOINTS, SET WAYPOINTS AS DESTINATIONS, PERSONALIZE MAP LAYER COLORS, and PLAN & RECORD ENTIRE TRAIL SYSTEMS. You can also visit and plan an entire ride and email your GPX file to everyone in the group to load up. Trail Tech has really made this part of the planning super easy.

One of the most advanced features of the Voyager Pro is the all new Buddy Tracking system. Create a RIDE GROUP VISIBLE ON MAP, With UP TO 20 BUDDIES and never worry about getting lost again! The Buddy tracking system features LONG RANGE dependability, EMERGENCY BEACON FLASHES in case you get in trouble, you can PERSONALIZE YOUR BUDDY ICON COLOR AND NAME, and even UPGRADE your BUDDY ANTENNA FOR LONGER RANGE. And the best part is CELLULAR SERVICE is NOT REQUIRED.

Now you can have the same security and information on your group as other tracker systems like the Polaris Ride Command in a small removable unit that’s easy to mount in multiple locations. And….the Voyager Pro comes in a nearly indestructible 4” case so you never have to worry about losing your data or position on the trail.

Voyager Pro accepts tracks, routes, and waypoints in GPX format – comes preloaded with US maps, and there are maps from other countries available for download for free on the Trail Tech website.

The Voyager Pro ships with a wheel sensor, ignition sensor, engine temp sensor, and power connection that combine to give you instant feedback on your machine or bike. Installation is a breeze with their included color quickstart guide.

Now – Trail Tech as a company have been around a long time. They make some of the best Digital Gauges, lighting kits, hard parts and accessories on the market for bikes – and that now extends into the UTV and side by side world as more of us are hitting the trails in groups and pushing further out into the wilderness.

So if you’re in the market for a true GPS and Buddy Tracking system with important data about the performance of your machine – and you want the very best setup on the market – check out the Voyager Pro by Trail Tech.

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