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Its part of being a man to own a set of tools. Whether its a multi-piece set of Harbor Freight ratchet & sockets or a full scale professional set up off the local tool truck, every man has to have at minimum a basic set of tools. That rule is compounded if you own your own off-road vehicle, hot rod, or have a pulse. In my humble opinion, there is no excuse NOT to have a set of tools, cheap expensive, or hand-me-down, you have to own a set!

I like many have always dreamed of having a professional grade set of tools but will admit, I was a bit intimidated to dive into the potential realm of being in debt to a tool company. I instead do like so many people, and built up my set of tools over the course of many, many years. Most were brand name quality, but then again I wasn’t afraid to buy up one time specialty use tools at a bargain price from a place like Harbor Freight, the swap meet or garage sale.

Despite having a pretty complete set of tools and decent box, it wasn’t a set up I was necessarily excited about or ever would brag about or show off. Not that tools are ever the topic of discussion when walking into my garage, not with the FatRodV2 & my 1955 Cadillac parked there. But that all recently changed when I discovered BOXOusa.


BOXOusa has been around for over 40 years. They own, manage and operate their own manufacturing facilities based in Taiwan and specialize in the production of high quality, professional grade tools & tool storage solutions that carry a Lifetime Warranty. What stood out to me the first time I spotted a set of BOXOusa products was the customized look of the box. At first I thought it was a limited edition thing, something the more recognized professional tool brands do, but then after some research I realized you could order their boxes in many different color combos that best suits the style you desire.

As I dove in deeper I discovered that their tools were legit. I reached out to friends like Heavy D of the Diesel Brothers, Blake Wilkey, and the UTV Wolfpack who all also use BOXOusa and got their opinions as well. All of them raved not only about the quality and appearance, but of the organization. Then I saw how they packaged the tools and how they lay into the boxes with their laser cut high density foam inserts. At that point I was sold and it was time to place an order and revamp my tool collection and take it to the next level.

I went all in on this round of dressing up my garage. I spend a lot of time in my garage, wrenching on my toys and clearing my head. My garage is my happy place, a spot I go to service, repair and build machines and so its rare that I am in there and not diving into the tool box. While it may sound lazy that I express how difficult it is to really organize a tool box, the reality is its true. Now, I have a place for everything and those who know me know I am a bit of a neat freak, but when it came to my sockets, extensions and ratchets in particular, those drawers were a mess. If I was missing a socket, I wouldn’t know it until I spent an hour searching for it, usually the 10mm, am I right? With BOXOusa, long gone are the days of worrying where a tool is in the box, and if someone “borrows” a tool without permission (yes I am talking to those of you in my family) I will now know!

Starting all over with a new set of tools can be difficult when choosing what to order. Few will probably do what I did but I was able to call upon Dustin Gipson of BOXOusa to help me with my tool selection. Dustin is a lifelong off-road enthusiast and is a big part of BOXO’s recent push into the UTV & Off-Road markets. Beyond being able to lean on him for advice, I was able to talk to him about what BOXO’s future looks like within the off-road space and what he explained was very exciting. BOXO has a close pulse on the UTV industry and is looking to potentially create packages specifically for our niche market of motorsport. It was another reason for me, and all of us, to support this cool company and pay attention to what else they may drop in the future.

Anyway, so I get with Dustin and we began talking about what I wanted. First things first was selecting a new box. I am a sucker for red, black, and white so I knew my box had to tie in with the theme my garage already supports. I selected the 45″ 11-Drawer bottom cabinet & 45″ 8-Drawer top chest. Both were ordered in gloss white with gloss black drawers and red anodized handles. The color combo is so bad ass and looks insane in the garage. Its now a conversation starter when people enter my garage. On top of that, the box works as good as it looks. Each drawer has dual latches and is supported by 100lb ball bearing slides. The paint is supposedly scratch resistant but I don’t plan to test it, its too nice to want to scratch although I know its inevitable. Each drawer comes supplied with padded foam bottom inserts so your tools don’t just sit on the metal and roll around. A top work surface mat is provided with the big lower chest and can be made to fit for the top box but I chose to keep it between the two boxes and plan to make a custom pad for the top box. Lastly, the caster wheels are very nice and the brake latch works easily and flawlessly. Both top & bottom boxes have barrel locks to secure the box when I am out of town and don’t want my kids pillaging it. There are also side cabinets and other accessories that can be ordered.

With the big box selected it was time to fill it, and I wanted mine to be perfectly organized from the get go. BOXOusa makes that very easy as all of their tool sets come out of the box with thick laser cut EVA foam tool control inserts that fit perfectly into their box drawers. They will also work in most other standard tool box set ups as well. The 217 PC Master Metric & SAE tool set for example fits perfectly into one single drawer of the box making organization a breeze! Its literally one of the best features of their tool sets is the fact that its all tucked in perfectly and has its place laser etched right into the foam making tool selection fast & quick.


The first thing I focused on was ordering both metric & SAE ratchet and socket sets in 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″. I wanted to have plenty of options for extensions, adapters, socket lengths, and sizes so I ordered a few different types of sets (all listed below) to ensure that when I set the box up right out of the gate I would have all of those “A-Item” tools. I also ordered up a couple different types of wrench sets including a SAE & Metric 15 pc flex head ratcheting sets that come with drive socket adapters allowing you to adapt your ratchet wrench into a socket wrench. I also ordered a 6 piece set of SAE & Metric 75 degree offset double box end wrench sets for those tricky to access bolt heads & nuts.

With sockets, ratchets, extensions & wrenches out of the way I moved onto some specialty tools. I made sure to get a few different styles of pliers including a 4 piece Circlip plier set which already have come in handy while rebuilding some CV’s. I also ordered up some adjustable (spanner) wrenches, channel locks and dykes in different sizes. Again, all came as different sets in their own EVA foam tool inserts. I also added some hammers, punches, files, vice grip style locking pliers, screw drivers, torx screw drivers, precision screwdrivers & mini plier sets. I also added a set of impact sockets as well.

The last item ordered was the first BOXOusa product that had caught my eye on social media. Their 185 pc Metric & SAE tool set with 3 drawer carry box grabbed my attention as the perfect trackside tool kit. I always try to bring a full set of tools with me when I go on desert trips, races, or anywhere I will have a vehicle with me. I have a pretty decent set of tools I have done this with over the years but its a nightmare to keep organized and together. Its so easy to lose tools when you are on the road, this 185 pc set is so tight and organized it will make keeping track of them much easier and it looks bad ass to boot.

While I have only had the tools for about a month, so far I am blown away. The box really added to the cool factor of my garage and the quality of the tools is amazing. They work really well and its so cool to have so many options. I am still getting used to having the RIGHT tool for the right job and not just making what I do have work. Like they say, work smarter, not harder, and these BOXOusa sets really make that a motto I can now live by!

Below I have listed out every set I ordered as well as the retail price associated. When you look at the prices you will be blown away, especially when comparing those to other top brands and looking at how the BOXOusa sets are delivered already fully organized for your box and come with a Lifetime Warranty. I pride myself on promoting brands that I truly believe in, this is one of those brands that I will be happy to promote for a long time and so will you!

Post your questions or comments below and let us know what you think. We would be happy to help you out and if you are serious about purchasing tools for your home garage, shop, race team or as a gift, feel free to hit up Dustin Gipson of BOXOusa by sending him an EMAIL. (Don’t be a leg humper and ask for free stuff, respect the man)

Until next time….

Joey D.


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