April 6, 2021 (Moab, UT)- Moab, Utah, has a reputation as being a destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all types, with private park Area BFE having some of the most challenging trails in the area. Racers from all across the US met April 2 and 3rd for the 2nd running of the aptly titled “King Shocks Area BFE Beatdown”, the season opener for the 2021 ULTRA4 West regional championship. The course consisted of 6 miles of elevation changes, tight canyons, rocky hill climbs, tight turns, ledges, and sharp rocks.  The weather could not have been more perfect with blue skies, red rock, and white snow still on the mountains in the distance. The 4400 Unlimited class raced 8 laps, the 4500 and 4800 classes each raced 5 laps, while the 4900 UTV class did 4 and the 4600 Stock class raced 3. The race truly lived up to its namesake and beat down the drivers in all classes as they challenged themselves, each other, and the course.

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ULTRA4 Racing is known for vehicles that can race multiple types of terrain with power and authority. The “Swiss Army Knife” of off-road racing, this course challenged the rock racing side of things. The initial qualifying lap introduced drivers to all the aspects of this course in a frenzy of activity and immediately tested their cars and their skill. Quick off the line, hairpin turns, quick back stretch, then brutal rock section, into another hairpin and out. All classes ran the qualifying course to determine starting order. Some were fast, others created more work for themselves by pushing the car too hard during qualifying and spending the night wrenching to get ready for the next day’s racing action.

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The fastest growing class in ULTRA4 Racing, the Can-Am 4900 UTV class, competition is fierce within this group, with a mix of skilled professional drivers and first-time racers getting involved in the sport. ULTRA4 offers a “First Round on Us” promotion that waives the entry fees for first time drivers. Often the 4900 UTV class is the entry point to test the waters. Racing consisted of drivers who pushed too hard in qualifying and taking a spill rocketing to the front of the pack within the first lap mixed with those working out their plan. Intense, edgy, and with vehicles well adapted to this terrain, the victory went to birthday boy Mark Welch, earning his first ULTRA4 Racing victory. Always ultra-competitive Jacob Versey was second, and Josh Smith finished 3rd.

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The kickoff of the 2021 season was the OPTIMA Batteries King of the Hammers, presented by Lasernut. To earn National Championship points, driver must compete in KOH as well as Nationals (October 15th and 16th in Reno, NV), plus at least 3 regional races. The King Shocks Area BFE Beatdown was a thrilling start to the West region and has really set the stage for a points battle in all the classes. Next up is the East series opener in Rush, Kentucky April 16th and 17th. You can see the full schedule of events at www.ultra4racing.com

2021 Winners

  • 4400 Unlimited Class: Bryan Crofts
  • 4800 Legends Class: Cody Young
  • 4500 Modified Class: Dan Fresh
  • 4600 Stock Class: Justin Reece
  • 4900 UTV Class: Mark Welch

Past Winners

  • 2020- 4400 Unlimited Class: JP Gomez
  • 2020- 4800 Legends Class: Cade Rodd
  • 2020- 4500 Modified Class: Dan Fresh
  • 2020- 4600 Stock Class: Josh Atteberry
  • 2020- 4900 UTV Class: Cole Clark


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