The UTV World Championship add new Polaris RZR 570 Youth Class
Youth classes continue to expand creating a new era in off-road racing

Youth off-road racing has now grown beyond the age limit of the 170 and 250 classes. In 2019, the UTV World Championship will introduce the Youth Production 570 Class that will showcase racers from ages 10 to 16.

The Youth Production 570 Class is the perfect bridge to the full size production classes and gives young racers time to develop their driving skills and learn the basics of off-road racing. The future of off-road racing starts here at the UTV World Championship!

“We have never had such an explosive growth in the history of off-road racing. Youth racing and participation seeds the future of our sport. We started UTV youth racing here at UTV World Championship and it’s exciting to be apart of the continued growth. UTV’s are the perfect platform for kids to learn the basics of off-roading. These vehicles will be kept as stock as possible with only safety enhancements, so these kids can take the cars they are racing and go play in them as well. We are excited for the future of off-road racing as these new generations of kids enter the market!” stated UTV World Championship CEO, Matt Martelli.

The 570 Youth Class rules as follows:
-Stock 570 cc 2-seat UTV
-No engine modification
-No Transmission Modification
-Must have 2 seats. Must have required safety enhancements
-Vehicles must be a standard manufacturer production model that is currently available to the general public in the USA with over 1,000 units produced prior to event
-Age limit is 10-16
-Rule set will match current Lucas Oil rules
-Winners will be required to tech post race

Title and presenting sponsorships available. Please contact UTVWC CEO Matt Martelli for sponsorship info.



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