This is one aspect of lights I could not be more excited about. Until recently there weren’t that many companies that produced chase lights, which resulted in higher prices with lack of innovation. With more companies developing and releasing chase lights, not only will it result in the prices coming down, but the it will drive the innovation forward.

The all-new XPL Chaser Series LED Bars with integrated static/flashing Amber, Red Brake/Tail lights, and reverse/utility light are the pinnacle of chase light performance & value in its category. XPL Chasers are available in 28” and 35” models, and will improve safety and others following during the day or night, including dust or fog conditions. Need more light when reversing or to see in the bed of the vehicle? No problem the center white light has you covered.

The lighting configuration is ideal for both, sport or race enthusiasts:
Red Brake & Tail | Static Amber | White Reverse/Utility | Flashing Amber | Red Brake & Tail

At only 2” tall, the XPL’s slim design and function make it ideal for many applications including: Trucks, Jeeps, UTVs, and Trailers. The XPL Chaser features top-binned 3W CREE LEDs to shine 180 degrees of light, while side wing mounts help make installation a breeze.


Driving in a wet and dusty environment? No problem. Each XPL Chaser LED Light bar is IP-67/69K rated with a Nitto-Denko pressure release valve and simple wiring instructions. Rest assured the XPL Chaser build-quality and Lifetime Limited Warranty will let you shine wherever you go for many years to come.

Pricing for the 28” model is $369, while the 35” is $429.

For more information visit or call 888-489-9820.



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