Back in May, UTVUnderground.com, Warfighter Made, Polaris RZR and Mad Media took 3 wounded veterans on the trip of a lifetime to the one and only Moab, UT! Robert Blanton of Warfighter Made spearheaded the trip and brought us together with some amazing veterans. Thanks in large part to Polaris RZR, we were able to capture the trip and together with Mad Media we were able to bring it to life for all to enjoy.

See more from our adventure including a story detailing the backgrounds of all of these veterans as well as photos and insight into who and what Warfighter Made is all about! CLICK HERE


Warfighter made adapts, and customizes combat wounded service member’s/veteran’s vehicles, to overcome their injuries and reflect their individual personality.

They invite ill, injured and combat wounded service members/veterans to participate in the build of a Warfighter Made owned project. Once completed, Warfighter Made funds those individuals to participate in events, shows, and races to show the world their accomplishments. Eventually the project will be auctioned off as a “Warfighter Made Vehicle”, with all the proceeds going back to the Warfighter Made Project Fund.

They also work with other like minded nonprofits, businesses and individuals to ensure the service member/veteran gets the best experience possible.

Learn more at: http://www.warfightermade.org/

Donate to Warfighter Made: http://warfightermade.myshopify.com/products/warfighter-made-donation

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Adult models – 16 and older. Be sure to get safety training. The vehicle displayed in this video is not intended for on-road use. Driver must be 16 years old with a valid driver’s license. Passenger must be 12 years old, and tall enough to use hand holds and plant feet firmly on floor. Always use cab nets, wear seatbelts, helmets, eye protection, and protective clothing. Do not operate on public roads. Avoid excessive speeds, sharp turns, and difficult terrain. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix! Never carry more than the appropriate amount of passengers. Follow all warnings/instructions in owners manuals and on product. UTVUnderground and their affiliates are not responsible for injuries that may occur from emulating or copying the riding, driving, or stunts performed in this video. Visit www.rohva.org for more information on safe operation off-road vehicles.



Photos by: Vincent Knakal & Jessica Katharsys // UTVUnderground.com



  1. Thank you Gabriel Mathew Martinez, Michael Fox and Joshua Sust for coming with us to Moab!! Can’t wait to do it again!

  2. Certain projects just carry a little more weight then others. This is one of those. Check out the short film we… http://t.co/FGcRGNnVNc

  3. Joey DiGiovanni Joshua Martelli Matt Martelli, Robert Blanton
    Warfighter Made, UTV Underground, Mad Media, Polaris, and everyone else that had a piece to this puzzle, I thank yall! This trip was something I’ll never forget; it goes with all my greatest memories from the Corps! Semper Fi!

  4. everything Gabe said but I will add this you guys are amazing the Video looks great, you guys made my mom cry and very proud. I am so blessed in life to have brothers like you in my life. Semper Fi

  5. RT @racedezertcom: Pretty cool to see how off-road recreational therapy is helping in the recovery of our nations wounded veterans…. http…

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