UTV racers! Making it through an entire race with a stock gearbox and front differential is a challenge. Mass produced stock gears can crack and fail when subjected to extreme conditions. Most manufacturers use poor quality bearings that can fail prematurely, leading to drivetrain failure. Factory assembly neglects the critical adjustments for proper gear mesh and bearing preloads, which leads to accelerated wear and failure. Weddle Industries now offers solutions to make sure your UTV gearbox is race ready:

Weddle UTV Race Prep

  • Critical areas of the stock gears are hand polished to remove sharp edges where cracks can form
  • Gears are then shot peened to help relieve surface tension, further reducing the chance of cracking
  • All gears are REM Superfinished to minimize friction and heat, reducing wear and promoting better longevity
  • Poor quality bearings are replaced by high quality units from SKF, Koyo, FAG and others
  • Professional assembly with critical adjustments to gears and shafts for proper mesh and bearing preloads

Sample pricing

  • Arctic-Cat/Textron/Tracker Wildcat XX Trans  $1650* 
  • Can-Am X3 Trans $1350*
  • Polaris RZR Trans (All models)   $1800*
RZR Weddle

 Weddle UTV Sportsman Prep

  • An economical upgrade for your factory gearbox for the recreational drivers to prevent gearbox failure and promote longer service life 
  • Poor quality factory bearings are replaced with high quality bearings
  • Stock gears are REM Superfinished to minimize friction and heat, reducing wear and promoting longer gear life

Sample pricing

  • Arctic-Cat/Textron/Tracker Wildcat XX Trans $1100*
  • Can-Am X3 Trans $815*
  • Polaris RZR Turbo Trans (All models) $1050*

UTV Trans Components in Stock

Weddle Industries now carries replacement seals, bearings, hardware stock gears and other components for Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Polaris RZR UTVs.

Weddle POL 3235987 1


Arctic Cat, Can-Am, and Polaris RZR UTVs. Call us for models not listed above.

For more info, call 805-562-8600 or email us.        

* Pricing includes all standard replacement parts, including upgraded bearings. Any additional required replacement parts will be added to the base cost. Pricing is based on the customer’s existing trans sent in for service. This is not the cost of a complete trans ready to ship. Subsequent service on a trans previously prepped by Weddle Industries will cost much less than the initial prep (labor and required parts only). 

About Weddle Industries:

Weddle Industries is a supplier of high performance transaxle and driveline components for special application vehicles. The company is headquartered in Goleta, California, where they maintain a large inventory of racing gears, clutches, shifters, gear oil pumps, torque converters, axles, constant velocity joints, and other driveline products, all of which are available through an extensive dealer network. For additional information, contact Weddle Industries.


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