Xtreme Machine & Fabrication and Chapman Offroad have come together to create an avenue for young racers to start learning and growing skills in the professional UTV race industry. XMF Youth Racing was started in December 2018 by Jimmy Owens and Joe Chapman in Phoenix, Arizona.

Owens and Chapman are excited to bring this idea to the race community. Not only will it give the youth an opportunity to start at a level that is comfortable for the child but also help them grow into other race classes as they learn the sport. As young as the age of five, can be apart of the XMF Youth Racing Program. Partners like Arizona Color, Demon Powersports and Xtreme MF, help the program to be successful. If you would like to get your business involved please email XMF at [email protected]

For more information about XMF Youth Racing, please visit our website or social media outlets: http://XtremeMF.com/

Race and Event Schedule:



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