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The quick hit: The Rhino USA Locking Trailer Hitch Pin is the only thing keeping your trailer’s cargo from being stolen. This 5/8″ locking receiver pin for class III & IV hitches is weatherproof, has a patented anti-theft lockable pin with dust, mud & gunk protection, and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Protect your hitch, your trailer, and your cargo with this simple but effective theft prevention tool!

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Would-be thieves will steal anything. Anything! It sucks. It’s just a sign of the times that you have to bolt everything to the ground. In the old days that meant a lock on the car door. Then we had to add alarms. Then Lo-jacks. Then Lo-jacks for our UTV’s! A while back we rolled out to Vegas and stayed at a very reputable Hotel and Casino on the Southside of town. If you follow social media you know what happened. We lost an entire trailer, with two UTV’s right off the back of the truck. Unreal. How did they do it? We had the trailer locked at the coupler – the main trailer pin was locked. But we didn’t have the hitch locked. More than likely they just threw a jack underneath it, pulled the hitch pin, and walked the ball mount and trailer back, and hitched it right to their truck. No-one stopped them because it didn’t look shady. What we should have had – and what you need for every hitch you own is the Rhino USA Locking Hitch Pin.

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Hitch pins are a dime a dozen. So are cheap locking hitch pins. The problem is they are easy to knock right off with a hammer and usually don’t have waterproof protection. What you need is a bulletproof solution that not only prevents theft but won’t fail you when you’re towing 15K pounds down the road! Remember, your hitch pin bears ALL of the weight you are towing. Don’t trust your $30K UTV and trailer to some cheap junk hitch pin. Make sure it’s made by an American company that actually uses these products daily!

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We have six vehicles that tow here at the shop, twelve if you count our UTV’s. Every single one has a Rhino USA Locking Trailer Hitch Pin. The pin lock keys go on the main and spare vehicle key ring…and we’re done! Problem solved. We never have to worry about anything getting stolen off our rigs. Insurance companies should give discounts on these things. That’s how important they are. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to tighten up your security check out these Rhino USA Locking Trailer Hitch Pins. They have a lifetime warranty and shipping from the website is lightning fast too! Rhino USA makes other indestructible and useful tools for towing, such as their Anti-Rattle Hitch Tightener and Shackle Hitch Receiver, so be sure to check out their website when you’re looking for anything related to towing. See you guys out there on the road!


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