2014 BITD Vegas to Reno Results (Unofficial)

Driver Time on Course
1. Scott Kiger 11:18:03.472
2. Brandon Schueler 11:18:58.950
3. Jason Murray 11:44:31.261
4. Brian Bush 12:01:53.889
5. John Angal 12:06:56.155
6. Scott McFarland 12:22:32.136
7. Cory Sappington 13:32:49.987
8. Bret Ferrell 15:10:23.630
9. Levi Gilkison 15:12:11.295
10. Adam Campbell 15:27:07.690
11. Craig Scanlon 19:05:32.926
12. George Felix 21:11:32.316
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