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    Evolution Powersports (EVP) the leader in the powersports industry for tuning, exhausts, intakes and turbo upgrades is proud to introduce an industry first V-MAP multi-map tuning for the Maverick X3. V-MAPtechnology allows customers to switch between pump gas and race gas tunes using the OEM Eco Mode and Sport Mode switch. When Eco Mode is selected, the engine produces approximately the same power as our Stage 1 190 Hp 2018 91 Octane tune (18 hp gain over stock) whereas Sport mode is 215 Hp (43 hp gain over stock) on 95+ Octane fuel. This allows the ultimate in flexibility for those who want the benefits of a high-octane tune when 95 octane fuel is available, with the ability to safely run in Eco mode with better than stock performance when only 91 octane fuel is available. Additionally, tunes can be switched between ECO and Sport without stopping and can be used as a “push to pass” mode. The programming includes a new switch to replace the OEM sport/eco. This feature is also available on Stage 6 big turbo setups as well. Release date: January 2018

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