Polaris HD roof options?

Discussion in 'General UTV Discussion' started by matt.cooper.1460, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. matt.cooper.1460

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    Sep 6, 2018
    I have a 1p ranger crew 900xp that is used by one of my crews for remote access on power lines/structures. It is a workhorse to bring the guys, tools and bales of hay/straw(restoration requirements). Right now the only roof is a tarp setup I threw together which came out great as a temp but we need to get something more substantial. I like the Texas-outdoors offering as we can use it to carry items and hay, protection from minor falling debris and it also gives the extra coverage past the windshield. My concerns are the added weight so high making the machine unstable, also considering I need to add a 2-3” lift and 27/28” tires to help with our constant bottoming out/stuck problems. Has anyone dealt with these roofs-what’s your impression? Is there anything else out there which may work for what we do? I already built a removable hitch rack which basically doubles bed space when the tailgate is down and it helps greatly

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    I dont think there is a huge aftermarket available for the Ranger product like there is for the RZR models. I think your best bet would be to find someone to custom build what you are after.

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