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Jan 22, 2009
Baja Designs is celebrating 20 years of providing the best off-road lighting systems and accessories. For our entire anniversary year of 2012, Baja Designs will be offering the same wide array of quality-driven products, and at special anniversary pricing! Come celebrate with us by taking advantage of our unbelievable shipping and product specials! To kick off the celebration, we have a couple of our most popular items at a special anniversary discount:

Our Strykr-SL lighting system is 20% off MSRP. This battery powered LED light is ideal for all your adventures. Producing 925 lumens and weighing in at only 470 grams, the Strykr-SL will shed light on anything you toss at it. The Strykr-SL will run up to 12 hours and is completely waterproof up to 33ft!

Our Squadron is also 20% off MSRP. At a sleek 3â€x 3â€, this light is the next generation of LED lighting. Packing 3,600 lumens yet weighing a mere 12oz., the Squadron is the most optimized lumen output to weight ratio currently on the market. In addition to the light output, the quality of the internal components is another aspect that really separates Baja Designs from the competition. The Squadron uses active thermal management, a single layer solid core copper circuitry and aircraft grade aluminum housing that maintains LED temperature within the defined operating limits. This versatile light can be ordered as a stand-alone LED or as a motorcycle headlight kit. Both versions are 20% off for a limited time.
To place your order call 800-422-5292! Or feel free to PM/Call me directly - (760) 560-BAJA (2252) ext.124

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