Introducing The 2016 Polaris GENERAL
The Polaris GENERAL Sets the Versatility Benchmark: Ultimate Versatility to Battle It All

Polaris® Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII), the leading manufacturer of off-road vehicles, continues to expand its market leadership by broadening its side-by-side product line-up. Today, the company is introducing the Polaris GENERAL™, the new standard in off-road versatility.

“Today is a great day at Polaris! Once again, we are launching a game-changing new product,” said Tim Blinkhorn, GM, RANGER & Polaris GENERAL. “This vehicle is the most versatile side-by-side ever built, made for those who want to battle it all. Whether it’s dominating any trail, or conquering any job, The Polaris GENERAL delivers.”

The Polaris GENERAL has class-leading features needed to tackle the trails and a work ethic to battle tough jobs. It starts with a 100 horsepower ProStar® 1000 engine delivering the most power and torque. The engine accelerates 0-40 mph in 3.6 seconds, thanks to a best-in-class power-to-weight ratio. When it’s time for work, the Polaris GENERAL brings the biggest payload [1100 lbs (498 kg)] and a class-best 600 lb. (272 kg) dump box to get the job done.

For all-day comfort and a locked-in, aggressive feel, the Polaris GENERAL features a completely new cabin for an all-new ride experience. Factory-installed half doors with armrests offer extra protection from debris, and easy in-and-out, work-friendly cab access. The roomy cab features dual bolstered bucket seats, adjustable for the driver, providing a secure feel and ample leg room, while the thin-film technology under the seat cover provides a dry ride in wet conditions. Space-optimized foot rests for both the driver and passenger also make for a secure ride.

Inside the cockpit, the Polaris GENERAL features an all-new customizable instrumentation cluster that tilts with the steering wheel and includes a combination of digital and analog gauges giving clear readings of vehicle speed, engine RPMs, and standard trip information. To keep riding and work essentials close, the vehicle features 23 liters of integrated storage inside the cab with a combination of enclosed and in-dash storage. The center console is not only a comfortable armrest but also provides more storage, a 12V outlet and two cup holders. Sealed floor seams and equipment pass-throughs keep the occupants cleaner; while dual removable floor drains allow for easier clean out of the cabin.


For a stable and smooth ride, the Polaris GENERAL has an 81-inch wheelbase complemented with a performance-oriented suspension for ultimate control. The vehicle features a dual a-arm front suspension with a class-best 12.25 inches (31.12 cm) of suspension travel and 13.2 inches (33.53 cm) rear travel that is calibrated to soak up rocks, roots, bumps and ruts. Standard front and rear sway bars keep the ride level and reduce body roll through aggressive cornering on trails. Ground clearance is also best-in-class, with 12 inches (30.48 cm) unloaded, and 7.4 in (18.8 cm) when loaded with 600 lbs. (272 kg) of camping gear or work materials in the dumping bed. The vehicle also features a full-body skid plate to protect from trail obstacles.

The Polaris GENERAL features a High-Performance, Close Ratio All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system maximizing power delivery to the ground in every condition for a more responsive ride. When needed, all four wheels will engage almost instantly for more forward traction and will revert back to 2WD when it is no longer needed. The vehicle also features an Engine Braking System (EBS) for more control when trailering up to 1,500 lbs (680 kg) and on descents. Along with the AWD and EBS system, a faster steering ratio coupled with standard Electronic Power Steering (EPS) means the vehicle takes the brunt of what the terrain has to offer so the operator can play or work longer.

To meet the variety of recreational and work needs, the Polaris GENERAL is available in three different models. The base model is available with in-mold plastic in Indy Red. The Polaris GENERAL Velocity Blue will include automotive-style paint; Sport Low Profile Front Bumper and Polaris HD 4500 lb. (2041 kg) winch; and 14-inch (35.56 cm) Matte Black cast aluminum wheels paired with eight-ply, 27-inch (68.58 cm) GBC Dirt Commander Tires providing better side bite, stiffer sidewalls, better tracking through corners and increased durability in tough work environments. The Polaris GENERAL Deluxe Orange Burst will have all the features included on the Velocity Blue model with premium adjustable Fox Podium X 2.0 QS3 Shocks and the addition of a Polaris GENERAL Pro-Fit Lock & Ride Sport Roof, rear-view mirror and MTX® Premium Soundbar featuring eight-speakers delivering 100 watts of premium audio through Six Performance 3-inch (7.62 cm) speakers and Two 1-inch (2.54 cm) tweeters with Bluetooth connectivity to rock the trails.

The Velocity Blue and Deluxe Orange Burst models will be available at Polaris dealerships starting in December. The Indy Red will be available in March 2016. More information about Polaris’ whole line of Off-Road Vehicle offerings and Polaris Engineered Accessories can be found online at www.Polaris.com.

Polaris General Accessories


The Polaris GENERAL showcases fully-integrated accessories and with more than 30 brand new Polaris Engineered Accessories™ and 90-plus common fit items, the vehicle can be customized to work more efficiently and get back to the trail quicker. The cab frame features profile tubing providing a 360-degree sealing surface that accepts the revolutionary Polaris Pro-Fit Lock & Ride® Technology providing the best in class cab comfort. Windshields, roofs, doors and rear panels follow the shape of the vehicle, locking directly into the cab frame’s precision contours. The vehicle also accepts the Glacier® Plow Systems, a full line of protection, several LED lighting options and Lock & Ride storage Accessories to quickly and easily add or change as needed for the trail or job. For ultimate class-leading cab comfort, a heater kit and windshield wiper kit provide additional all-weather options.


  1. Create a UTV that mimics what Can Am has been doing with the Commander for years already…..then call it innovative? All I could think while reading was that it sounds/looks alot like what the Commander is…then I laughed when they said “most innovative UTV in the market” lol

    • Pretty sure the Rhino and Teryx were out before the Commander if you really want to get down to it…

    • The Rhino and Teryx are nowhere near the level of the Commander when it comes to performance : Utility balance if you really want to get down to it…..pretty sure that Can Am was the first to put an engine worth a damn (horsepower and torque wise) in a UTV built for both work and play.

    • Buck Tingle kind of like how Can-Am came out with the Defender based off of the Ranger?? Kind of like how Ford and Chevy and Toyota and Nissan and RAM and everyone else makes the same model pick ups?? lol Get used to it, the sport is growing and with that comes more OEMs entering into more models…

    • My whole point is this machine looks like it is modelled off of the Commander. And lots of it features supports that claim.

    • UTVUnderground the difference is that they don’t pass off tech that’s already been used by other manufacturers as ‘ground breaking”. You’re right, the New can Am machine looks alot like the Ranger. I noticed that off the bat, but I didn’t see anything anywhere suggesting we’ve never seen anything like it. In this scenario I don’t have an issue with the machine (it looks really nice). I have an issue with the Polaris marketing strategy. Especially after that bogus YXZ comparo video they did not long ago that you guys posted.

    • Come on Buck.. now you’re reaching! All OEMs pass of their new stuff as ground breaking whether someone else had already done it or not. Its par for the course.

    • Aaron Godwin I think the Yamaha is a great new addition to the market. Let me quess, you’re a Polaris fan boy who gets defensive at anything said negative about Polaris?

    • I guess it makes sense that I am getting flack for my comment from a site that claims it’s the “most innovative and fresh UTV site on the web.” Hahahahaha makes sense now where all this is coming from!

    • Thank you Cobbie Palmer. I wasn’t knocking this new UTV. It looks really cool. I was knocking Polaris’ marketing of it.

    • Who gives a shit? So what if someone else has done it, and so what if they call it innovative? These are called “buzz words” to get people to look at it

    • I made a simple observation. A “comment” if you will. I do not think I care as much as you care to think I care.

    • Buck Tingle we aren’t being defensive, just engaging in conversation thats all.. You are more than entitled to your opinion. If we didn’t like it we would delete it. We are good with everyone’s opinion.

    • Aaron, you did in fact. My comment had nothing to do with the YXZ yet you jumped to conclusions. And as I said, I was not negative towards this machine…smply negative to their false marketing strategy.

    • Yamaha hasn’t stooped to Polaris’ level. Did you watch Polaris’ latest comparison video? I’m embarrassed for Polaris.

    • Yamaha done the same thing when the yxz came out, except that yamaha did not provide it’s possible customers the opportunity to drive the Rzr, but to just make assumptions, you know, like it would fall apart… But that stuff doesn’t bother me its all manufacturers propaganda. Way to be informed though.

    • Way to assume stuff you know nothing of (regarding to me). I hope you feel better about yourself now. I hope your blood pressure goes back down at some point today. It’s not good to get worked up over meaningless stuff.

    • The General should be the best thing since sliced bread! Similar to a Can Am but with a front diff that actually works!

    • Can am has copied Polaris from day one now Polaris makes a sport / utility sxs and people want to say Oh god it the end of the world Polaris copied Can am. lol

    • Pretty sure Can Am was the first on the scene with the turbo. And first to create a true work and play sxs (the Commander).

    • Buck, your clearly a polaris hater, that’s Ok. You made reference to the yxz, that’s why I asked. It’s clear to see your ok with other brands hyping their stuff, just not polaris, got it….

    • Not a Polaris hater. Just can’t stand the fervent Polaris fan boys who think their machines are above all. I’ve owned and operated all brands. I’ve been less than impressed with Polaris. But I don’t hate them. I made reference to Polaris’ shitty review video they did comparing the YXZ to the rzr. Even Rzr owners saw through it.

    • It’s comical that I make a simple statement laughing at the articles description of the machine, and the fan boys come in trying to paint me as a “hater”.

    • Who wants to buy a fully tricked out 2015 RZR 1000 with 40 hours cheap. Let’s see where this goes. Going back to Cam Am or Yamaha

    • The point is Buck, your all sandy vag’d because polaris hyped their machine. I don’t think anyone owns this machine yet to claim it is the best, get your penis envy under control please.

  2. Yes Polaris might copied the Commander a bit. I think they did better job tho. I guarantee the general has way more ground clearance than a commander. That was commander biggest down fall. A Honda has more ground clearance than a commander.

  3. “The engine accelerates 0-40 mph in 3.6 seconds, thanks to a best-in-class power-to-weight ratio.” WOW

  4. A lot like a commander, yes. But I bet you can open this thing up without engine noise deafening you like a can am.

  5. How many freaking ways can they slice the UTV pie up? The annoying thing is when you go to the dealers they only have a couple of the offered models….

    • A dealer’s worst nightmare is a huge model lineup. Floor plans are expensive and they get even more expensive with all the model choices. They just have to guess what the market demands and stock those models. It’s way too expensive to stock them all.

    • And I don’t like when i figure out which one I want, and only 1 dealer out of 10 has it and won’t negotiate on it….

    • With $20000+ price tags it’s hard for most dealers that are usually small, family owned businesses to stock a large amount of inventory.

  6. This is what I’ve wanted. I like my rzr but wanted the capability of the ranger, and now they did but with 100hp! Bad ass!

  7. Looks like competition for the Teryx. Nobody has pulled off a compact comfortable 4 seater like the the teryx yet though.

  8. Can am just released a new also called the defender. Looks a lot better than this. I recently just traded my 900 ranger for the new Honda 1000 5 deluxe and like it a lot better

  9. 16k for the base and they can’t even At least put Fox shocks on it…. Love the idea, but common polaris

  10. I’m hoping Honda takes interest in this new Polaris and decides to upgrade their Pioneer 700 (because it’s narrower than the 1000) to a 1000 with the DCT tranny with bucket seats and with the same bed.

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