UTVUnderground’s 2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo DYNAMIX

I have been part of more Polaris RZR builds then I can count, and I am not complaining. It is by far the reason I love what I do. Sure, the trips, memories, friends, events, and ability to feed my family doing what I love are all great things. But the reason UTVUnderground is here, is because I love off-road vehicles and have an even greater love for being a part of building machines that help me feed my addiction for going fast through big bumps.

When Polaris introduced the RZR XP Turbo Dynamix it was met by mixed reviews. Everyone has been itching for the next coming of the RZR platform so when Polaris dropped the XP Turbo with Dynamix shocks using FOX Live Valve Technology, many people started to wonder if this was simply a gimmick and if Polaris had ran out of ideas? I looked at the platform as another blank canvas and after experiencing the Dynamix edition in person I knew that once people drove the machine they would understand the benefits of the technology. Polaris isn’t short of ideas, or technology, rather they are trying to slowly implement the future of off-road technology into their vehicles, ideally in preparation for the true next coming of the RZR.

The Dynamix technology is special to say the least. While I won’t rehash all of the features, and just how advanced this proprietary package is I will link you guys up with a previous review we did that dives much deeper into how they work. You can CLICK HERE for that article.

With the new 2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo Dynamix edition in hand, we immediately dropped it off at SDR Motorsports for its makeover. I know many people question why so many of our builds are with SDR and the answer is simple, they are great to work with. Tim and his team always listen to my ideas, bring their own to the table, and are willing to honestly complete a project within a deadline. There are tons of great builders out there, and we plan to do builds with many of them, but  SDR has been great to us for so many years and we really enjoy the creative process with them. Not to mention, they know how to build a proper UTV that not only works good but looks good too.

We decided right away to run with the black & red theme. Its an easy decision for me, the color scheme is always my favorite and being that the machine already sported this combo we decided to stick with it. From there I began tackling the process of rounding up the parts I wanted to complete this build. Thats a process in itself, many think its as easy as a phone call or email, and in some cases it is thanks to the years of rep building within the sport and industry. But nevertheless, we have to respect these companies and understand that nothing is free when it comes to sponsoring a build. A strict plan for activation and promotion is always needed and we understand and respect the process even though its not always the easiest or most fun. With that said, the companies we work with are always hand chosen for the project, and we don’t cut corners.

At first I wanted to build a dual sport type machine. Something for dunes & desert but as the build took shape I shifted its focus into being more of a hardcore desert / pre-runner type build. SDR is more known for their sand machines but are bringing more parts to the table such as their new spare tire carrier which we were able to debut on this vehicle, that are geared more for the hardcore desert rider.

I left the cage & bumper layout up to SDR on this one. I wanted them to run what they were looking to promote and I knew they wouldn’t let me down in the looks department. They built and installed their PRE RUNNER CAGE which doesn’t just look good, it also provides for some great site lines in addition to a much better level of protection over stock. They also installed their front bumper and Hi-Bred Doors which retail for $800 and are arguably one of the single best products on the market you can purchase for less than $1000.00.

Tim and the SDR Motorsports crew went to work with getting the rest of the car together which included their +3 Hi-Bred long travel suspension system, something I was very hesitant about running. Now let me be clear, I wasn’t worried about quality or functionality, in fact, I ran their first +3 kit on our 2016 XP Turbo and loved it. What I was worried about was how it would interfere with the performance of the Dynamix shocks. The kit uses your stock length shocks which is great, but it wasn’t going to be as easy as it usually is to have the shocks re-sprung and valved according to the new leverage added due to the kit. But not one to shy away from the challenge we rolled with it and decided we would see how it all worked.

We went with a Rigid Industries lighting package which included their new rear CHASE lights, new side view mirror REFLECT light / mirror combo LED lights, top 30″ E-Series dual row LED bar, and 10″ E-Series dual row bumper mounted light bar. We also ran multiple under-glow A-Series rock lights and interior dome light but we chose to keep the factory LED headlights which actually work great. Rigid has been a great partner of ours since we first got up and running and their products have never let us down. When it comes to lighting, we only stick with the big brands and Rigid since amongst the best.

Interior for me is my favorite part to mod out. Its the most labor intensive as it requires hours of labor to install and wire accessories, but the interior to me is one of the most important details of a build and where you spend your time in the machine so I take a special interest in it. I selected BEARD TORQUE seats to keep me comfortable along with their 3″ 5-point latch & link harnesses. The fit, finish, comfort, and stitch & sew are some of the best around. BEARD seats always look great, they always work with us to customize based on our needs, and have been a great partner since our very first UTVUnderground.com build in 2009.

When it came to the dash, I knew I wanted to go big. We selected a GlazzKraft dash & center console and had them build it out of carbon fiber both for weight reduction & appearance. We have ran GlazzKraft products for years now and have really grown to love the company. They produce quality products and are great people to work with and their dash system allows for plenty of room to put everything we need in the right place.

The carbon fiber Glazzkraft dash tied in perfectly with the carbon fiber FourWerx center hood piece. FourWerx has been making more quality carbon fiber parts for UTVs and we have been honored to run these parts now for a couple of years. You can see more of their parts on our other builds that include center consoles & ride command carbon fiber dash.

When it came to the gauge cluster and digital readout, we stuck with the Polaris Ride Command unit that the Dynamix edition is supplied with. Not just because that was easy but because I have become a huge believer in the system. I love its many options for gauge display and read outs and I have become fond of its GPS capabilities. I am able to upload race maps and download maps of my own from marking trails along our rides. I haven’t really used it for its Go-Pro capabilities or its ability to track other vehicles in our group yet but it has those options as well. I had SDR place it directly in front of me so that way my line of site would not be interfered with and it fit and looks perfect.

For switching and controlling all of our accessories I went with the Switch-Pro’s 8 button digital touch panel. This system allows you to eliminate bulky rocker switches and gives you a clean and very functional touch panel to work with. Buttons illuminate and you can program them to control any accessory you install. We installed the panel on the center console putting all buttons within reach.

I also opted for PCI Race Radios 50w race radio & two-person TRAX intercom which provides superior sound, noise cancellation and functionality. I also installed the new PCI Race Air BOOST Dual helmet pumper set up which is a new version of their traditional Race Air pumper product but uses a more powerful internal brushless motor. PCI products are always solid and they are another great company to work with.

We rounded the interior out with a booming Stage 5 Rockford Fosgate sound system that features the PMX-3 digital head unit also mounted on the center console making it easy to control. The system sports two speakers in the kick panel, two tower speakers behind the seats and a large subwoofer and amp tucked discreetly under the dash. The system works flawlessly and is so loud that you can listen to it with ease even running full speed with a helmet on.

A pair of Axia Alloys 12″ panoramic mirrors with fold down sun visors were also installed which have become one of my favorite products. Axia Alloys makes some of the nicest accessories on the market.

With the bulk of the hard components in place I had to select a wheel & tire package. I went with 15″ Method Race Wheels 401 bead locks powdercoated red & black and wrapped them in 32″ BFG KR2 Baja T/A UTV tires. This combo really helped finish the build off, gave it the perfect stance and are as solid a wheel / tire combo as you can ever have.

Final touches included an Agency Power passenger grab handle, Packard Performance billet body mounts, 4′ red Buggy Whips, SDR rear storage bag, SDR front grill, and Packard Performance stainless steel race exhaust system. The exhaust not only feels like it gave the RZR some pep, it also gave it a really pissed off sound. It may be a little loud if you plan to sneak through the woods, but if you want people to hear you coming and want your engine to flow then this system should be on you wish list!

What came out was one of the best looking machines we had built to date with all the right parts. Everything had a purpose and function and out of the box everything worked great with the exception of the shocks. Upon our first run we found that because of changing the width of the suspension our factory Dynamix FOX shocks were much too soft for the added leverage so we were going to have to do something. I made a call to Justin and the team at Shock Therapy and they told me they had just got done testing and evaluating a new internal side system / valve & spring package for the Dynamix for long travel applications. I removed the shocks and shipped them to their facility in Arizona and within days had what looked like brand new shocks returned. They not only re-valved the internals but also turned the shocks into a true dual rate coil over using new springs and coil sliders. I installed them, set ride height and set out on my next test session which was 300 miles in Baja. All I can say is WOW! The term game changer gets thrown around pretty loosely these days, but these shocks truly changed the game for the Dynamix machine we built. What resulted was the best handling UTV I have ever owned or driven for that matter, and thats no BS!

We build a lot of nice machines, we are very fortunate. And all of our machines have worked well, some better than others. But this vehicle was as close to perfect that we have ever been a part of. From comfort to handling, function to ergonomics, our 2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo Dynamix was and is the best UTV we have ever had to date when talking about the total package!

Thank you to each and every person, especially Tim and his team at SDR, and of course the team at Polaris RZR for giving us this opportunity and for being part of this build. We couldn’t be more excited about the build and we can’t wait to reveal our next machine, our 2018 Polaris RZR Turbo-S which at this point is days away from rolling out from the SDR shop! Stay tuned, we are hard on the throttle and we have much more to come!

With Respect….
Joey D.

Photos by: Daniel Schenkelberg // UTVUnderground.com


Owner: UTVUnderground.com
Model: 2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo Dynamix
Builder: SDR Motorsports
Cage & Chassis: SDR Motorsports
Doors: SDR Motorsports
Suspension: SDR Motorsports +3 Long Travel
Shocks: FOX / Polaris DYNAMIX w/ Shock Therapy Ride Improvement System & Dual Rate Spring Kit
Engine: Factory
Exhaust: Packard Performance
Lighting: Rigid Industries
Wheels: Method Race Wheels 15″ Bead Locks
Tires: BFGoodrich KR2 BAJA T/A 32″
Front Bumper / Rear Tire Carrier: SDR Motorsports
Seats / Harnesses: BEARD Torque & 5-Point 3″ Latch & Link
Dash / Console: GlazzKraft
Hood: FourWerx
Rear View Mirrors / Visors: Axia Alloys
Stereo: Rockford Fosgate Stage 5 RZR System
Communications: PCI Race Radios
Helmet Air: PCI Race Radios
Switching: Switch-Pros
Navigation: Polaris Ride Command
Whips: Buggy Whip
Storage: SDR Motorsports
Steering Wheel / Disconnect: Grant Products
Passenger Grab Handle: Agency Power
Body Mounts: Packard Performance