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    Next Race @ OCORR, May 16

    I am announcing this here because UTV Stock and UTV Open are 2 of the classes we have set for this race. I hope this is not considered over posting due to the recent announcement of our $10,000.00 to win race.................. OK gang. Our next scheduled event at OCORR is May 16. We are located...
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    $10,000.00 TO WIN????????

    UPDATE to UTV $10,000.00 to win race OK. We here at OCORR are trying to get this race together and we realize this is short notice, and we realize it is Memorial Day weekend, and we realize 100 UTV's showing up at any event might be a bit too optimistic. :rolleyes: So here is what we did. We...
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    $10,000.00 TO WIN????????

    Hi dnf736 and thanks for that. I am not the track owner, just the web master for them. I will pass that on though. Typically the race entry fees are $100+ less then this race so they are hoping that is enough of a draw. That and I guess there is a very large UTV population in their area. This...
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    $10,000.00 TO WIN????????

    Yes, the track is in Nevada about 100 miles north of Vegas just off of Highway 95. There is a map on the Contact/Info page. Thanks Rusty5150 for posting all the race info. I come from forums where it is best to be subtle at first ;)
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    $10,000.00 TO WIN????????

    That's right sideXside racers! OCORR is puttin up the cash to get you UTV racers out here. This is the First Annual OCORR UTV National Championship Race with up to $10,000.00 (yes, TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS) :eek: to the winner. For more info, check out the Special Event page or click on the Special...
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    Newbie in Cali

    Just curious. What are the rules about a newbie posting links to an event? Some forums I frequent don't allow links until after a certain number of posts. Thanks
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    Newbie in Cali

    Yep, I'm a newbie to this forum but not to many other forums. I am here to place nice and have fun.

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