Who has NEW Pro Armor AC Wildcat products....?!!


Scranton Boys Racing OG
Oct 5, 2011
Lake Elsinore, Ca
Who has new Pro Armor products...? Post pics here of what you got or what you are getting. I am also looking for people with our doors... if you have them, PM me and I can hook you up with some swag and I will have a form for your input on the doors for you to fill out and return for free swag... Gotta hook up the Pro Armor supporters... Thnx Again! Here is what we now offer! Check out these SICK new products with a lot more to come. Feel free to ask any questions to me regarding these products or future products....

The spare tire rack accomodates for the larger size tires that do not fit in the bed. Also the spare tire rack also utilizes the quickshot, so you can actually change the tire with the proper tools on the trail. This also gives the needed clearance on big drops off ledges that would normally hit the spare tire if it was mounted on a rear bumper... I saw that happen at ROTR. It still gives plenty of space for use of the bed and a small gas can or small cooler. Light weight build with strong mounting points that also aid in the cross support of the rear of the chassis. Super fast and easy install! Awesome product! Cage is coming soon.......lol


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