Introducing GSP XTV’s Revolution Axle, an industry exclusive hollow tube performance axle. The Revolution Axle is a game changer; loaded with amazing technological advancements and performance enhancing benefits. Not only is it one of the world’s strongest and most innovative UTV axles, it’s a complete driveline solution due to the “hollow tube twist” technology. Just think of it as a “fuse” for your drivetrain. The hollow tube CV axle twist technology dramatically increases the strength and reliability of the CV axle all while reducing stress on the drivetrain. This axle reigns supreme in durability, is feather light reducing unsprung weight and gets the power to the ground in lightning speed. Learn more at

Hollow Tube Twist Technology
• Reduces shock load
• Complete driveline solution
• Acts as a fuse for your drivetrain
• Reduces harmful driveline harmonics
• Quicker transfer of power to the ground
• Feather light – reduces unsprung weight

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