AVE/BP Racing announced thursday that MRT MotoRaceTire and Muscle Race Wheels have become the official Title Sponsor of the three-event PURE UTV TRIPLE CROWN OF THE DEZERT SERIES.

The series consists of three events, scheduled within the PURE UTV Dezert Off-Road Series currently into it’s fourth event of the 2019 season.

Therefore, Series events #4, #5, & #6, will also be named as Triple Crown events #1, #2 & #3.

It might be a bit confusing to some but not to the racers who will see an extra incentive from MRT/MUSCLE as they are prepared to pay a total purse of $1,500.00 in purse money for all three events. However, the amount will be broken down into $500 for each event.

The Overall winners at each race will receive the $500. In addition, a set of new MRT Tires will be given to the Top Pro Turbo winner. In the alternative, the Overall winners at each event will have the option to chose the cash or instead “$1,500.00 of MRT Bucks per race.”
Peralta added: “We are delighted to have these companies join us AS “Title” Sponsors in what promises to be a fantastic season. The Series also features five Classes that fit everyone: Pro Turbo & Pro 1000cc, Spt Turbo & Spt 1000cc and the unique BONE STOCK Class, which is reserved for absolutely “stock” UTVs. Basically, the car you take off the show-room floor is the UTV you’ll be racing with us, except for adding safety requirements.”

MRT has an excellent sponsorship program and you can visit for details when you log into their site: www.motoracetire.com

MRT’s motto “Quality When You Need It”, is evidence of the dedication by MRT in providing a high-quality race tire and wheel that racers love! MRT is revolutionizing racers performance – the new Pro Armor / MRT Race Series tires have demonstrated that they are not only a dominating tire in the rocks and desert, but in the deep mud and wet weather as well. This top quality from MRT allows racers to put the tires through the ultimate test and run the race with no issues!

MRT, MotoRaceTire.com, is the leader in delivering the highest quality and most innovative tires on the market today. The Pro Amor / MRT Race Series tires, are created by working closely with race teams and mechanical CAD aided testing, MRT continuously develops new leading tire technology including the first and only Kevlar Race Tire using Kevlar Armor Belt. These tires are lightweight and designed to provide run flat protection combined with strength and speed on the track. MRT Kevlar Armor Belt quality is designed and built to outlast the competition. Guaranteed and backed by MRT’s Continuous Improvement Warranty program. MRT teams test in ALL race conditions, and tires components are modified based on driver’s feedback and tire performance. This attention to detail and drive for continuous improvement is why MRT provides the best race tire now and will continue to provide the best tire for all race and riding conditions.

Lou Peralta, Promoter said,” We are delighted to have MRT and MUSCLE RACE WHEELS as our title sponsors for the Triple Crown Series. We think the next three events are going to be off the charts. The racecourses that we have in store for the racers are going to be ones to remember. I would say “epic,” but that’s a word that is usually overused. Peralta said. He was sure excited about the next three events he has designed.

The first, which is May 18, is a 200-mile race consisting of five 40.1-mile loops. Peralta branded this first event as FAST & FURIOUSLY FUN!” The race gets underway at exactly 12:00 Noon. First car off the line is Robert Knuckles, Driver and Gabriel Garcia, Navigator, Navigator because they were the Overall winners at the March 30th race. Thus, they earned the premier spot.

The second event in the Triple Crown is scheduled for June 22, and it will start at 6 p.m. The “Twilite” #2 event is only a 150-mile race and Peralta has already designed four (4) 35-mile-plus loops. He stated that the laps will be a bit more technical and not as fast as in the first event of the Series.

The third event of the series is the PURE UTV 150, will feature, six-25-mile laps and this one will be an all-nighter, starting at 8 p.m. and probably ending around Midnight. Since it will be in the middle of the night and the summer, August 31, Peralta doesn’t think anyone will mind as temperatures in August are known to rise well over 110 degrees. But by start time the weather should be a cool 90-degrees. Bring lots of water to drink binoculars or telescope to see the incredible summer sky.

For more details, visit: www.averacing.com or contact [email protected].

The Summer is just beginning but the fireworks will be set off, May 18, with the Running of the PURE UTV “199ish”.



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