Roof Sell Sheet 1

We first were introduced to the new Polaris Graphic Roof while testing the new 2016 Polaris RZR 1000-s machine in Huntsville, TN. We liked it a lot. The sunroof is what stood out to us, but it looked good and overall was a slick new product. So when we saw that there was a new Graphic Roof available for the XP4 platform we thoguht it would be a great addition to our new 2016 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo!


We ordered the roof up which is available on starting at $399.99. The packaged arrived in a matter of days and came with all the necessary hardware to install as well as easy to understand instructions. Included was bolts & assorted hardware, rubber coated clamps, and foam padding for the roll cage to dampen vibration between the roof and roll cage.


Upon opening the box I noticed that packaging was minimal and yet despite how hard shipping companies can be on a package everything arrived in order and without damage. The roofs are lined with a protective film to protect them from being scratched. The film peeled off easy and in one piece. That made me happy!


The hardware was strait forward and the bolts utilized are the same torx head bolts we are all used to on the Polaris body and interior. The installation required only a torx bit which I attached to my impact gun and a 10mm wrench.


I followed the instructions step by step which first required me to remove the top 2 bolts on the front sun-visor. I then laid strips of foam padding on top of the roll cage where the roof would cover. From there on it took me a total of about 30 minutes to complete the install. It really was strait forward and easy to do and came out perfect!


We look forward to running around with the new Polaris Graphic Roof. If you plan to keep your factory cage then I would highly recommend this product.

Polaris Graphic Roof


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