If you’ve ever bought an aftermarket accessory for your car, you know how much of a pain it can be to install. Luckily, ROXOR has you covered with the introduction of its accessory line.

Accessory Line Debut at the 2018 American International Motorcycle Expo

American International Motorcycle Expo saw the debut of the official ROXOR™ by Mahindra Automotive North America (MANA) accessory line. ROXOR vehicles were first introduced to the American market in March of 2018 and powersports enthusiasts were quick to welcome the turbo-diesel off-road vehicles with open arms. Dealers were also more than ready to accept the ROXOR into the powersports world as many quickly signed on to help the company reach their goal of 300 ROXOR dealers in the U.S.

Standard Features of the ROXOR

The standard features include a steel body, boxed steel frame, turbo-diesel 4-cylinder engine, automotive style 5-speed manual transmission, big wheels, tires and brakes as well as a huge towing capacity of 3490 pounds.

Brand Name Partners

The company has partnered with key American-based aftermarket manufacturers to offer an array of new accessories. Including a Warn winch, AGM battery, HD bumper, Bestop hard or bikini soft top, KC Hi-Lites light bar, Kolpin rearview and side mirrors, Kolpin grab handles, aluminum wheels with BF Goodrich tires and OX-brand locking differentials.

“All of us at Mahindra are thrilled at how the powersports community has embraced our turbo-diesel ROXORs. Our new line of accessories gives these customers the ability to fully customize their vehicles for their own personal applications. Hunters, campers, ranchers, off-roaders and more will be able to personalize their ROXOR to meet their unique needs and tastes,” said Vice President of Marketing for Mahindra Automotive North America, Rich Ansell.

The United States currently has 300 dealers and the company has just begun entering Canada with new dealers as well. All are prepared to help ROXOR customers select the best ROXOR model and accessories whatever applications they’re planning to use the vehicle for.



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